I am indeed delighted to be honoured by friends who deemed it fit to organise this befitting reception in my honour.

Though this is a noble gesture, it calls for sober reflection, owing to the fact that lives are being lost in Atyapland, as a result of senseless killings, mainly resulting from misunderstandings within brothers which could be resolved through patience and dialogue.

My heart bleeds whenever news of attacks and counter attacks in our community reach me.

I become troubled, body spirit and soul and become engrossed in deep thinking as to what is the way out of this quagmire.

We need to remind ourselves that first of all, we are all humans, who came out of the loins of one man, Adam, who we all have been born to acknowledge as the first son of God through creation.

We must be mindful of that fact and be further reminded that we are equally tied by bonds of being from the unique race as Africans. We are not just Africans, but Nigerians and further down, citizens of Kaduna State.

Bearing this is mind, we must embrace each other in genuine love and togetherness to bring forth the desired prosperity in our land.

Such peaceful co-existence would be for our collective good as it would translate to mutual trust, progress and all round prosperity.

As the President of ACDA, I, alongside my team will leave no stone unturned in searching for ways to bring development to our community.

With the support of all stakeholders, we believe we will rewrite history and make our lands enviable as a result of progress we envisage in the nearest future.

Although as a socio-cultural group, we are non-religious and non-political, we want to draw the attention of our people that the time has come for ACDA to have more than just a passing interest in the political activities surrounding our collective will for progress and development. 

While we will not involve ACDA in the murky waters of party politics, we shall work together with politicians who are saddled with constitutional powers to  bring peace, unity and development to our people. 

We shall interrogate what their positions have brought to the table of our collective patrimony, be they Atyap, Hausa or Fulani and any other ethnic group in our land.

If we mobilise and sensitise our people to go with only people that were there for them when they needed peace and security, people who wiped their tears when they were hungry; political parties that provided food when they were hungry, a government that provided justice to them when they were emasculated, groups that provided succour to them when they became homeless, even religious organisations that did not only sympathise with them in their hour of need by praying for God's intervemtion for them but also empathised with them by practically providing basic needs for them as an injuction of God, and we knock on their doors and ask our people to vote for them or pray for them and mobilise in their favour and you call it politics or religion, then we are ready to change the narratives along this line.

We shall no longer abandon our people to the ruberics of selfish and and self serving pseudo political and religious bigots but shall encourage them to question the basis of the representation of our people at a every level of human endeavour. 

If we don't engage in the decision making of our futre, someone else will do it and decide how we live, how we sleep and what should be ours and not what is really ours on the basis of social justice. The result is where we find ourselves today.

Accordingly, we call on all our peaple to be citizens. Citizens and not spectators. Citizens and not subjects. Responsible citizens building communities of service and a state and nation of character. Though our challenges are fearsome, so is our stregth. Our people are restless but we are hopeful and expectant as we need to bring into our task today the vision and will of those who came before us. 

And the vision and will of our ancestors is what will build a very strong community where every Atyap, Hausa, Fulani and other ethnic groups in our land shall live peacefully and secure their future,  where justice shall reign supreme.

And we believe this is achievable coming on the heels of our consultation with the three major ethnic groupings, viz a viz, Atyap, Hausa and Fulani, which we started yesterday and continued this morning. 

There is a general desire within these groups to return to peaceful coexistence. We also discovered a general and unanimous resolution that a return to peace is desirable but that true and genuine peace can only be achieived when those directly involved in the conflict are allowed to  talk to themselves first in order to fashion a way out of this connundrum. 

We have agreed that we shall meet in the near future to talk to ourselves before we invite other stakeholders and government to inform them of our peace formula which will require the blessings of all the stakeholders and government. 

And except the conflict merchants are on the prowl, all we expect from  those looking for genuine peace is to allow ACDA to probe through this onerous task and come up with what will be interrogated by all patriotic people searching for solutions to our imbroglio.

Like what one of the Hausa youths said this morning, peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice and we need courage of all well meaning citizens and government to achieve this.

And, like they say, courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move on in the presence of fear. This we are ready to demonstrate as long as we have the support of our people, the traditional rulers and  those vested with constitutional powers at the Federal, State and local government area as well as the executive, the legislature and judiciary. We want to note very strongly the role played by the fourth estate of the realm because the "pen is mightier than the gun".

And they have used the pen very well as a tool for construction and building bridges and peace among our people, rather than using it as a weapon for destruction of the fabrics that hold us together. We shall continue to count on your patriotic efforts in this direction.

We also raise our hats in honour of security agents which have helped in descalation of violence and bringing and atmosphere that is good enough for consultation and discussion of our problems.

So when we talk to ourselves, listen to ourselves,  we shall unravel the Pandora's box which will give us peace and secure us economically, socially, agriculturally infrastructurally et-al and bring about the 3r(s) of true reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction of all those affected in the crisis.

To the committee of friends who organised this lavish reception, I am grateful and pray God replenishes all you have committed to making it a tremendous success.

Just as you are celebrating me, you will also be celebrated for success which will come shortly.

Thank you all.for coming here from far and near to celebrate with me. I pray for God's blessings upon all and journey mercies back to various destinations.

Once again, than you all.and God bless!



President ACDA,

Comrade Dr. Silas Adamu

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