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Kelvin Ebony Ayok-Adams popularly known as KEA ADAMS is a presenter, blogger and the president/founder of The Kaduna Entertainment Awards (THEKEAAWARDS), The Most Beautiful Girl In Southern Kaduna(THEMBGSK). In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, he speaks on his journey into the entertainment industry and other issues.

Success Story
Well...I must say that the story has been like that of every successful growing young man in the entertainment and media industry. A lot of people don't really know that the hardest place to break through from has always and will always be the northern part of Nigeria. the reason is not far fetched, the  entertainment industry is still not given a thumbs-up like it is in the other part of Nigeria because of the religious setting, but all that is beginning to change now, as a young boy, shortly after secondary school,I knew I was going to find my paths in the entertainment industry, but what was I to do as a young man? I enrolled in a 3 months programme on film and film acting in Kaduna and I moved to Lagos in 2003 after my programme but trust me, Lagos was not beans or garri, fast forward,I returned to school , started a career as a musician as tsuu-cast and had to abandoned that and came up with keaadamsblog and then brushed up the movie part of me, the taste to do exploit for Kaduna as my immediate consistency was there. I came up with the Kaduna entertainment awards just to encourage and rewards the so many talents in the entertainment industry in Kaduna ,a lot of people thought it was going to end on paper but here we are working on the 8th edition after years of persistence, and there was after need to do much for the girl child in the southern Kaduna region after gathering experience from the Miss Idoma contest for years. So I came up with THEMBGSK which is also on the 3rd year now. Challenges came and are still coming but persistency and God have been more powerful than the challenges and today we are here


One of my favourite quote has been my motivation "there is a season and a time for everything under the sun , a time to be born and a time to die but between you have the privilege to create an impact to the society. " Creating impact to the society is my inspiration , seen people happy because of what I do drives me

Humanitarian projects
I have engaged in a lot of projects but that's one thing I am really working on, so for now, it's a project on the pipeline

The whole media and entertainment zone itself is a challenge but let me dwell more on the entertainment industry,
Now there is what they call the Ph.D. syndrome(Pull Him Down Syndrome). people feel threatened if they are not part of the project and that is a major issue in the event world. You will be doing everything right but everything seems to be wrong with it simply because someone somewhere is doing something bad or saying something bad about you and what you do and that scare investor away which eventually leads to backwardness, not just to you as an event planner or organizer but to the entire sector because there are a lot of people who will benefit at the end of the event. Another factor is the sponsorship, you will give companies a well-scripted proposal and they will tell you to send it to Lagos and after sending it to Lagos, you might not hear from them but instead seen another person doing your project in another form. Until companies starts making more investment in the sector I am afraid we have years to catch up because they seems to forget that we patronise their businesses here without going to Lagos ,so why going to Lagos because I want you to perform your cooperate social responsibility? Lastly, the government here in the North should start looking in and start sponsoring events because "las las Na them go carry the glory." It is called Kaduna entertainment awards and not Kelvin entertainment awards, so the Kaduna state government have to wake up and do the needful. Now talking about the movie industry, we have a lot of challenges because the Lagos producer does not believe in the ability of the northern actor and yet we have only a few movies been produced here even with all the wonderful locations we have in the north; they will come in with their crew and actors and move after filming, and the only thing we get is getting ours ladies in bed , that will not grow us here and I think is about time the government starts looking into the movie sector too so that people like myself will be proud that we are in a noble profession. Before I round this up , back biting is one thing we should make sure we do away with , if I tell you all that happened before my reelection as the PRO of the AGN I'm sure we will burnt up pages of this newspaper but then we must have to get our house in check.


Most interesting moment of your life

The most interesting moments of my life is stepping into a place I least expected someone will recognize me and boom! here you are, people see you as a celebrity and sometimes I will be like "shey Na me?" "Am I a celebrity?" That happened to me in PH ,I never knew that a TV series I featured in was on their local station and I was in a Mall and a group of girls walked up to me and obviously happy , at first I got confuse until the call me "Engr Musa of after working hours " so that excitement seeing people happy because of what you do is so interesting and I want more of that moment.

Love life

Wow,that feeling eh. (Lagughs) my love life is like a Chinese movie ,too many tricks and yet interesting ,I am trying to love again. I almost walk down the aisle last year when I engaged my then heart robe but the engagement lasted only a month In which I refuse talking about because I believe it was never meant to be. As we speak now ,I am trying to love again.

Brief Profile
I'm the 1st of 4 boys and 2 girls from Zango Kataf local government council of Kaduna state. I am in my mid-30s,a diploma and a degree holder from the university of Jos and national open university respectively. With a brief stay at Raypower Abuja and Capital TV Kaduna before settling as a blogger. I am the president/founder of the Kaduna entertainment awards (THEKEAAWARDS), the president/co-founder of the most beautiful girl in southern Kaduna (Thembgsk).I am a compere and also an actor. I am the public relation officer of the actors Guild of Nigeria, Kaduna state chapter for the second time and a member of the presidential media team of the AGN President. What more can I say? I am sure this is how brief I can go for now.

Qualities you want from a woman
My kind of a woman should understand the dynamism of the entertainment industry and be ready to support me , a supportive woman , industrious , a prayerful, a good cook and sexy is my weak point and I can go all out for her.

Covid-19 efforts and role played

I am in committees of sharing palliative to people in Kaduna ,Jos and Abuja and I'm seen as a front liner. but I don't go close to isolation centers because there are people who are trained for that. Covid-19 is not a scam ,I have two friends in Kano and Lagos who managed to pull out of Covid-19. Please keep safe and obey government instructions.

Advice creative minds and spiting entertainers

It has never been any for anyone in any profession and yet people who remain focus always win, don't set you time on another man's clock , you have a duty to succeed, challenges are meant to seat you up ,don't lose focus, remember , if you succeed, there are a lot of people who will succeed with you and if you fail , there are people you will be ending their dreams. Focus , focus and focus .

5 years from now
In the next 5 years, I should be a father and a husband,I should be the next big star from the north to the rest of the world.

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