I salute Nigerian children, and indeed children of the world on the joyous occasion of Children's Day. Children bring joy to our homes, the nation and the world. They are the embodiment of innocence, energy and vitality. In them we see continuity and the hope of a brighter future.

Available data indicates that Nigeria is a country of the young. Children constitute about half of the country's population. But the story of the Nigerian child remains one of joy and sadness. Majority of them have no access to education, medicare and recreation. Some are subjected to child labour and other forms of inhuman treatment. Many of them have not experienced the joy of growing up. Many bear the burden of fending for their families at very tender ages. They are also the victims of bloody conflicts in various communities.

I urge us to use this occasion to deeply reflect on the state of the Nigerian child. Have we in all honesty been fair to the Nigerian child? Have we, through the years,  been able to formulate policies and develop legal frameworks to take care of the interests/concerns of Nigerian children? Have we been able to reinvent our educational system to prepare our children to compete in an increasingly complex and challenging world? What efforts have we made to assure our children that there is indeed a peaceful path to development, instead of the violence, intolerance and hate speeches they witness daily?

We owe Nigerian children apology for the state of things in Nigeria. Let us seize this opportunity to recommit ourselves to working assiduously to change the condition of the Nigerian child. We must make education a fundamental right for Nigerian children. Never again should we be comfortable seeing malnourished Nigerian children. Healthy and happy Nigerian children should henceforth be the priority of governments at all levels. All laws relating to children must be fully implemented.

The welfare of children has become an effective measurement for the progress and development of any nation. When children are given solid educational foundation, a nation lays the foundation for its all round sustainable development.

The Federal Government led by President Buhari, the leadership of the National Assembly and Kaduna State Government headed by Governor Nasir Ahmad Elrufai continues to give priority to the education of children & their healthcare.

I appreciate Governor Nasir Elrufai for the free education granted the Almajiri children who were recently repatriated as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. The Uba Sani Foundation will in its usual way, support the state government in order to achieve a better Kaduna state where the education of children is held priority.

I call on the Federal Ministry of Education to reinvent the Children's Day Celebrations and give it the priority attention it deserves. It is an occasion children should look forward to. The Ministry can work closely with schools to redesign the programme and make it a celebration of innovation, vitality and discipline. It is time to put smiles back on the faces of our children. We must not continue to use our adult worries to spoil the fun of children. They deserve to savour their period of innocence. God bless our children.


Senator Uba Sani,
Representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District

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