Nollywood’s Deadliest Stuntman


Abrham C. Okonkwo (DGN) was born in to the family of late Samuel Okonkwo of Anambra State over four decades ago. He's a graduate of Mass Communicator from the University of Jos. Thereafter, he picked up his all-time passion and creative talent of film making, growing from the base of the industry ladder to the top and still growing the ranks and files till date.

His 20 years of industry experience has earned him the required skills and training to sit as the CEO and founder of Platinum Productions now platinum arts entertainment company in Nigeria with contacts and virtual spread across the nation.

He is a god-fearing, skilled and talented filmmaker with in depth training in the art of storytelling, directing, production management, film editing, acting for stage and screen, artiste training and management.

He is prolific and proficient in the art of movie creation and the business of entertainment thus, earning himself the credit as a Director of so many movies in the market like Scream, Helpless, My Kids and I, Little Daniella, The Rock and A Hard Place, Lent, Moving On, My Dear Wife, Neighbors, Agent Amadi, Rufus and Rosanna, A Wife and Kids, Hostage, Adventure of Annie, Scout;(where he performed one of the deadliest stunt ever in Nigeria film industry), Assisted Late Ifeanyi Onyeabor in Directing - Who Owns the City, a Ghana-Nigerian movie.

As a stunts man, he was the brain behind the effects and explosives in the award winning movie – New Jerusalem.

He has directed Hausa movies too like Fansa, Zarki and Rashin Sina which won  Best Series City People Award and nominated in Africa magic viewers choice award.

He believes that, if the society is fixed or rid of this ill, the same will reflect in the industry.

This courageous, disciplined and status quo changing gentleman is believed to have come from a lineage where bravery is generic. The life of his uncle, General Festus Okonkwo (rtd) seems to confirm the presence of this trail blazing gene.

This status quo defying gene found expression in the ground breaking productions of the nineties and early 2000 in Kaduna where movies never saw the light of day but ended up in the cupboards of the producers. This jinx was broken with the release of the zero budget, ‘Leg’ made trainee movies - Devil’s Workshop, followed by -Wild Pack, all from the then Platinum Production trainees.

This zero and low budget movies change the narrative of movie production in Kaduna state, making it clear that indeed you can shoot a movie and see it through to the screens. After this status quo defying events, the faith and movie competitive spirit was ignited in all. Thereafter, many other individuals and groups began to dare to do the same thing, and the rest is history like they say.

Though he doesn't like people giving details of how he was robbed while trying to make ends- meet of one of the most expensive camera then, they left him with stitched injury on his knee.

But for the good people he was carrying a long on his way up then ( Ujams Cbril, Alfa David, Derik Zai...etc) they told him not to give up. He borrowed a camcoda to make a movie almost immediately, that movie saw the light of the day and it gave him hope.

Okonkwo Abraham is coming out with a new film titled "Phoenix" which tells a story of a widow in love. It features Ujams Cbril, Annabelle Zwyndila Adaeze Eluke  and others.

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