I Encountered Lots Of Challenges From The Beginning- Jerry Okpan

Engr Jerhiton Okpan, popularly known as Jerry Okpan in Nollywood is one of the budding actors making wave in the industry. Staring in popular flicks like Oghenekome, Gold Statue, Unbroken series, My Siblings and I, Royal birth right, The Prince and I, my flatmates, Lagos Sex, Lies and Traffic etc showing now on top terrestrial Channels, he sure got the love of his fans and aiming for a greater height.

According to the actor who was inspired into the industry by top popular movies of the 90s said he's in the industry to make a difference.

"I heard a dream in the early 90's when I saw the then popular TV opera's; "Hotel the Jordan, Hot Cash, New Masquerade, Checkmates and the early Igbo movies like "Living in Bondage, Obiora, Betrayal" I was highly inspired by the show then.

"As nature would have it, I schooled in Enugu for my tertiary institution level reading Civil Engineering, but then Enugu was the heart of the movie industry in Nigeria. I moved ahead to register as an actor in March 2002, while I was in my 2nd Year. That was how my journey started. Today I'm a (B.ENG) holder in Civil Engineering and also a bonafide  Nigeria movie actor.

"However, I encountered lots of challenges from the beginning; 1. Parents discouraging me to focus on school and not shooting movies, 2. Ability to fit into the system was a difficult task as an undergraduate studying civil engineering, 3. Financial constraints, because as a small actor, you are not well paid and sometimes no pay at all (even though it's unprofessional on the producers end, we call it sacrifice) and lots more.

"My advice for the upcoming actors is to stay focused, keep your heads up, learn more about acting and other tiers through movie Academies, read and make research online about acting and filmmaking as you desire," he advised.

He also spoke about the ongoing Corona virus Pandemic.
"As for the current Covid-19 pandemic that is ravaging the world today, I will say apart from taking to the precautions of the government, we should all realize that we have a creator God Almighty. Let us all take out time to pray on daily basis," he concluded.

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