Here comes another Great visionary leader, Mr. Anthony Hassan (Dokajen Jaba)

A Leader dedicated to the service of his People and Nigerians at large irrespective of regions or religions

Mr. Anthony Hassan (Dokajen Jaba) help lessen the task of trying to get a meaning around himself by those who understands and knows him, he is an acronym for *Anthony Hassan (Dokajen Jaba):* He is a rare breed with relentless commitment to the service of his people. Alternately, he's an embodiment of a people oriented leader.

There are leaders whose concern and interest is the authority derived from public office. While many of the so called leaders easily bow to the packs of public office with alter disregard for the expectant public. They place huge premium on self rather than service to the vast populace. As for Anthony Hassan (Dokajen Jaba) it's all about the people, and it resonante in her thoughts and deeds.

Anthony Hassan (Dokajen Jaba) has engendered a new dimension to how responsible and responsive a leader could be to the yearning  masses. He has shattered the ceiling glass as regard humane and accountable leadership. He has refined political office to be an epicen.

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