Stephen Kefason (31) is presently standing trial before two (2) courts in Kaduna State, a Chief Magistrate's Court and the High Court, on account of allegations against him bordering on injurious falsehood and cyberbullying respectively.

Although the Magistrate's Court had granted him bail in respect of the case before it, the High Court refused to grant his application for bail twice on merit after exhaustive legal arguments from both sides.

The sensation about Kefason's cases is caused by minority mischief makers who are struggling and bent on making it look more political than judicial. Kefason is not being detained extra-judiciallly or politically. He is being detained pursuant to an order of a competent court after his applications for bail were refused. Nobody is persecuting him; he is being prosecuted in accordance with the rule of law. So, his remedy is judicial and not political.

Kefason is not a political prisoner. He is not even a prisoner of conscience. The allegations against him have nothing to do with any "Southern Kaduna struggle", if at all that phrase exists in practical terms. He falsely and injuriously insulted and defamed people and authorities in his personal capacity in blatant breach of our penal laws. So, his cases should not be tied to any so-called "struggle". He must personally answer for his deeds and actions.

In a related development, Luka Binniyat (54), a sacked Vanguard Newspaper Kaduna Bureau Chief who is Kefason's mentor and also currently facing trial before a High Court in Kaduna for injurious falsehood, wrote  two episodes on how Kefason was contracted by the People's Democratic Party to malign individuals, APC and the government.

These episodes from Binniyat constitute undisputed fact that the case of Kefason is a distortion of fact to assume that Kefason is a journalist or an activist fighting the cause of Southern Kaduna. At best, he could be described as a mere political jobber acting the script of Binniyat and PDP.

Again, Kefason has always insisted that his social media postings are factual. But, he denied ever writing those posts containing the injurious falsehood. He even went as far as claiming that his account was hacked. As it stands now, all his social media handles have been brought down. It is laughable to see such an unserious personality who cannot even simply own up to his write-ups being given undue attention by some people.

All this while, Kefason has lawyers. All they need to do is to approach the Court of Appeal to appeal against the order of the High Court refusing him bail. That's all!

The time used, the energy dissipated, and the resources spent on all these unnecessary political propangada should have been channelled towards filling an appeal at the Court of Appeal. If they had done so right from the time that the High Court denied him bail, Kefason might have been a free man long ago.

But, instead, they have chosen to employ propangada laced with lies to free Kefason. This approach will not work for him. If the truly want him to be on bail, they must do the needful required by law; and not all these needless sentimental propaganda.

In the meantime, we shall see how all these play out at the end of the day.

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