Hon Dr Bege Katuka Humble receives plaudids on his stewardship as Chairman of Kaura LGA for exploits in lnfrastructural and Human Capital Development, Peace Building however, is rarely given the accolade it deserves. Before his arrival, Kaura LGA was clouded with apprehensions on different fronts. A recent history of hostilities between herders and farmers, a stereotyped negativity towards the government of the day, internal divisiveness along ethnic and chiefdom lines had plagued Kaura.

Humble assumed office with a resolve to finding lasting peace in Kaura. Tacts employed to achieve that involved exhibited resiliency through long, patient and painful processes of dialogue, negotiations and conciliations between aggressors and agrieved at different levels. He accommodated everyone through attentiveness not just to 'perceived stakeholders', but even the lowly commoners whose submissions proved cardinal to solution finding. The strengthening of institutions through a benevolent welfare for District heads, Ward heads, Security Agencies, Religious leaders,  Groups and Associations eliminated tendencies for compromise amongst them. Running an impartial, transparent and open government did not only stem suspicion but caused a willingness by the people to put hands on deck to push Kaura forward. Finally, infrastructural Projects were targeted on meeting felt needs of the people, bringing relief to them which helped subside grudges and groans.

Today, the narrative of Kaura has changed, it is now that of harmonious living, peaceful coexistence and inclusive governance. There is contentment at justice dispensed. Today, communities willingly single out perpetrators of crimes  and turn them over to law enforcement. Kaura may not be there yet, but there is an assured feeling of better days to come and we can only pray to see them.

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