In an interview granted by the Executive Chairman of Kajuru LGA, Hon. Cafra shared his plans for Kajuru Local Government Area, his leadership style and plans of having Kasuwan Magani ultra-model market completed and commissioned.
Question: Haven been saddled with the leadership of Kajuru Local Area for the past Six-month, how well has the journey been?
Hon. Cafra: First, I will appreciate God for leading us thus far, serving my people, providing purposeful and responsive leadership have always been my desire. Chairing Kajuru Local Government Area at first when we came on board was a herculean task and a burden that seems too heavy to carry. Considering the security challenges we faced, the ugly ethno-religious crisis and attacks by bandits, coupled with the unquenchable thirst for good governance by my people who mounted pressure and wanted to see us hit the ground running. I quickly set up my team and got to work and so far so good, we have been putting in our best and the results are there to vindicate us.
Question: Many have described you as a disciple of Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai style of governance; can you attest to it and tell us how it has influenced your style of governance as Kajuru LGA Chairman?
Hon.Cafra: Well I must admit that I am an unapologetic apostle of Mallam Nasir El-Rufia, his style of leadership stands out, his policies may looks offensive to a few but beneficial to the majority of the people, he is not carried way with the challenges of today, he spends time working towards the solution of the future. Mallam El-Rufai has a way of influencing, motivating and bringing out the very best in those he mentors. He is in his own class in terms of dynamic leadership and governance and its indeed worthy of emulation.
Question: Kasuwan Magani Ultra-Model Market, why now, what influence the initiation of the project?
Hon. Cafra: Historically, Kasuwan Magani has been the spark point for most ethno-religious crisis in Kajuru Local Government Area, though the biggest agricultural commercial nerve center of the local government, Kasuwan Magani is the rallying point between farmers and potential buyers of agro-allied products, but sadly this market has been the epic-center of crisis and over the years the reports of clashes within the market has been a reoccurring decimal, in most if not all crisis shops are razed down, properties worth millions are destroyed and carted away and lives are been lost.
We sat with my team and felt that there is a need to redefine the market system in Kasuwan Magani, we should have a business environment where both the natives and investors who come to engage in business in Kasuwan Magani should have a conducive business environment that guarantees the safety of lives, properties and investments. We want to redefine the market experience in Kasuwan Magani, we wish that above all Kasuwan Magani should serve as a commercial hub for agro-allied products within Kaduna central senatorial District, this influenced our decision. We approached the State Government and after mutual consultations and interaction the government approved the construction of 2024 shops in Kasuwan Magani by CCECC Construction Company, the new ultra-model market when completed will run on solar system for its power generation, there would be a police station within the market, Banks, Stores and parks to bring ease of doing business.
Question: There have been widespread criticism from some quarters over the proposed project, what do you have to say on that.
Hon. Cafra: Well, amazingly I have heard and have read several commentaries on the issue; some have written press statements of condemnation over the project and have used the social media to air their views. I must say it’s rather unfortunate that those doing this are failing to look beyond and see the enormous opportunities this market will bring if rebuild and remodeled to a good standard. Putting this market, will bring about economic development, Small & Medium scale businesses will spring up and there will be many opportunities for those who are willing to tap into the projects. I want to assure the good people of Kajuru that we will not halt our plans to rebuild Kasuwan Magani Ultra-Model market, the ground breaking has been done and once completed, we will commission it to the use of the people.
Question: Your parting words to the people of Kajuru.
Hon. Cafra: I want to assure the good people of Kajuru that I will do more as their servant to consolidate on good governance for all at the grassroots, we as a people must learn to cherish the principle of unity and peace. In unity, we lose nothing but our economic chains, indeed in unity, we gain many things. Let us, therefore, remain united, ensure we live in peace and let us do resolutely, faithfully and unflinchingly, for by so doing we will make Kajuru a Better place for all. Thank you.

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