Sahara Reporters: Caution Please, By Hon. Cafra A.B Caino

Sahara Reporter as an astute communication and media professional outlet must abstain from  misinformation and inaccuracies in reportage.

The working of a democratic society depends on the members of that society being informed without compromise. Misinforming the society is tantamount to imposing a narrow version of truth which could cause needless pandemonium.

With uttermost dismay, my attention was drawn to your publication published on the 10th of May, 2019 with content that is false, for the sole aim of putting a clout around me, defaming my character, inciting the people against me and subjecting my reputation to scorn.

That "The Local Government Chaiman of Kajuru Local Government  came to the detention facility and promised to deal with Kefas; that I also threatened to slap him".

May I also set right that Kefas Stephen is not in anyway a Kajuru Local Government Journalist as it was fondly asserted. Such claim is a blantant fiction and unworthy of mentioning.

The information passed was concocted, suffice to say, absolutely fallacious.

This act of Sahara Reporters is not only unethical and unprofessional, but also a breach to the foremost value of news and utility.

As a law abiding citizen of Nigeria, demanding equity will mean that Sahara Reporters in fairness will avail us with veritable evidence on their knowledge in an allegation beyond my findings.

Cafra Caino Boaz

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