I thank God Almighty for the gift of life and the privilege to stand before you today. Let me express my profound appreciation to the good people of Kajuru Local Government for putting their trust in me and voting me in the recently concluded Local Government Chairmanship election. I sincerely appreciate my Political Party the All Progressive Congress (APC) for the formidable platform created. I salute my good friends and family for the companionship on our trail to victory.  I am immensely grateful for the steadfast encouragement and support while in court to defend our mandate, we did it together and I congratulate us for our commitment and drive to victory.

I offer special gratitude to my distinguished mentor, Dr Uba Sani for his mentorship and guidance in my political journey, you are indeed a leader, a father and I am humbled to learn from you.  I salute our hardworking Governor, His Excellency, Malam Nasir Ahmad Elrufai for giving youths in Kaduna State the rare opportunity to serve in exalted leadership positions to which I am a beneficiary. We have been saddled with enormous tasks of governance, we are aware that public expectations are very high and we will not fail them for entrusting their hope and believe in us.

Let me promise you all that as the chairman of Kajuru Local Government, I intend to hit the ground running in my bid to chart a bold new future for Kajuru. It is no longer news that Kajuru Local Government is today most popular in the media community for the unfortunate religious and sectarian crises that engulfed some areas in the region. It is for this reason that tackling insecurity has become my number one priority. I beckon on the people of Kajuru Local Government to look beyond the stereotype that blinds and divides us. It is time to come together to realize our potential and maximize our opportunities towards great new adventures.

In my campaign manifesto, I promised to focus on Security, Agriculture, Youth Mentorship, Empowerment and Development (SAYED). I will be sticking to that. Security will be focal on my to-do list, we will work hard to foster unity among the ethno-religious groups in Kajuru. Let me assure everybody that I will see to it that the right and safety of everyone resident in Kajuru Local Government is not trampled upon. To this end, I am happy to announce to you that a Divisional Police Station has been approved for Kajuru Local Government and will be situated in Kasuwan Magani. We shall start the construction of the station immediately.

At this juncture, we call on the good people of Kajuru to unite and embrace peace that will foster the development we yearn for as no community will make meaningful progress without peace.

We must all eschew our differences and work together for the common good. We will not relent in consulting and bringing together traditional leaders, religious leaders and all stake holders of communities to ensure that we restore peace and stability. We call on group(s) and individual(s), who promote division in Kajuru to repent, come on board and as a matter of patriotism join hands in rebuilding lasting peace in Kajuru. Let it be clear that those who insist on threatening the peace and stability of our dear Local Government for whatsoever reason will be decisively dealt with. Those who are caught thwarting the laws of the land will face the full wrath of the law without compromise.

Our target within the first hundred days in office is to offset outstanding salaries owed, we will give due considerations to the welfare of workers. The Kasuwan Magani market shall be upgraded and be given a new look befitting of its status. By the end of the upgrade, the market will provide better opportunities for farmers, traders and their related businesses from all works of life. To complement the market, we shall see to the takeoff of the first commercial banking system in Kajuru.

We shall explore all avenues to revitalize and boost agriculture; we intend to promote all season farming, uncover hidden agricultural opportunities and provide the necessary support and services to them. We shall increase enrollment drive in the educational sector, trade, skills acquisition and modern agricultural techniques in our rural communities.

We shall work very hard to seek investors that will partner with Kajuru Castle to boost its tourism potentials, we shall boost inter- ward connectivity through aggressive road network provision.  We have gladly taken the challenge; we will confront them, learn and improve for better service. We cannot do this alone we shall seek God’s help and we call on you all to pray for us to succeed in bringing a breath of fresh air to the land of Kajuru.

Welcome to the Next  Level.

Thank you all.

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