Dr Bege Katuka Humble The Chairman, Kaura LG area of Kaduna state roll out the fourth phase of 24 projects

"Gentlemen of the Press,on behalf of the council, I welcome you to this occasion again. The council call on you to provide and made available information with respect to the  Federal Government Paris Club Debt recovery revenue shared to the 23 LGAs of the state by its Ministry of Finance.

It is my pleasure to announce to you that for Kaura LGA in November 2018, the sum of #368,560,079.61 was its share.

A supplementary Budget in this regards to cover for both capital and recurrent expenditure was forwarded to the State House Of Assembly and approved each according to the needs and debt of LGA in question.

For Kaura LGA on recurrent expenditure, the following were deducted by the Ministry of Finance the service the following arrears and debts;

a. 2016 Leave Transport Grant arrears of Teachers amounting to #74,317,667.87

b. Pension Benefits ___#36,771,884.76

c. 2018 August salary Arrears of the Newly recruited Teachers_____#12,479,377.90

d. Refund to KDSG (Construction/Provision of Infrastructures)____#73,543,769.87

e. 15% Contribution to Pension Fund__#36,771,884.76

A balance of #134,333,591.60 is availed to the LGA in its account for the purpose of capital projects. The council identified areas to be attended to and clearance was requested and which was granted to be captured in the Phase 4 of our projects so far so good.

It is my pleasure thus to present to you the list of 24 projects to be undertaken in this phase which have been approved.

1. Construction of Police Outpost at Bondon

2. Construction of Police Outpost at Zangbang

3.Construction of motorized Borehole at Kaura ward.

4. Construction of motorized Borehole at Fada ward

5. Construction of motorized Borehole at Kukum Gida.

6.Construction of motorized Borehole at Kadarko ward.

7. Construction of motorized Borehole at Bondong

8. Construction of motorized Borehole at Zankan.
( Gentlemen of the Press, it is important to note here that 4 of our wards of Mallagum, Agban, Kpak and Manchok have had theirs in the 2nd phase, with these 6 wards here captured it means all the 10wards of the LG would benefit from the water projects.)

9. Renovation of staff quarters Block A, Kaura.

10.Renovation of staff quarters  Block B,Kaura

11.Renovation of Staff quarters Block C,Kaura

12. Rehabilitation of Women Center, Kaura
( This is in fulfilment of our promise to revive the skill acquisition center aimed at training the less privilege, Physically challenged,Widows with able youths and women inclusive in batches.)

13.Rehabilitation of the Chairman's official residence, Kaura.
(The need to renovate and refurbish our staff quarters is paramount as you can see it has turn to an eyesore due to lack of periodic maintenance over the years. As part of  staff welfare improvement,the need aroused.)

14. Completion of the new extended Secretariat Phase 1,Kaura
(initiated and started by  Barr. Kanyip Led Administration. We are committed to bringing it to completion all things been equal. As you can see through the window work is ongoing.)

15.  Renovation of Fertilizer Store at Manchok.

16. Renovation of  Fertilizer store at  Kagoro

17. Refurnishing and repairs  of 3nos. LG Tractors with implements implements.
(Projects 15,16 &17 are considered very important as we approached the farming seasons. Our fertilizer stores have been in bad shape thus making it tasking for effective storage of the farm inputs during the raining season.  The LG tractors are all grounded and functionless. God's willing all these would be functional before farming season.)

18. Construction of drainages at Manchok market.

19. Construction of drainages at Kagoro Market.

20. Rehabilitation of the Late Gwamna Awan motor Park, Agban.

21. Rehabilitation of market stalls at Kpak.

22. Rehabilitation of market stalls at Manchok.
( many asked why the council gives attention to markets and parks. Our answer is simple, for a rural and even urban LGAs, they remain the dependable source of revenue on relative terms and thus the need to at least attend to some of the needs therein to earn further its commitment in times of remittance.)

23. Rehabilitation of road at Bondong

23. Rehabilitation of road from Garaje through Kukum Daji to its exit at TC Dems at Kukum Gida.

Cries and prayers from communities along these last 2 aforementioned rural roads have been answered. While we wait for the state government to intervene someday, we consider it necessary to start something to atleast make the motorable and accessible to the advantage of our peasant farmers for the ease of conveyance of their farm produce as at when due.

All the 24 projects are to be executed with the aforementioned balance of #134,333,591.00 with Vat and Task inclusive.
The LG Due Process committee would discharge it duty accordingly and award contract base on merit and efficacy.

So far so good, 34 projects have been executed and completed in in phases 1-3 with only 2 of them on going. The repai

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