CONCERNED SOUTHERN KADUNA APC MEMBERS, Count Us Out Of The So-Called Southern Kaduna Political Summit

 We wish to make our stand known over the forthcoming so-called summit being organized by PDP sponsored ‘Southern Kaduna Political Summit Group’

• We are not part of the group and have reservation in the leadership of the group, because the convener, Barr. Mark Jacob Nzamah, is a PDP member and an instigator of the persistent demonization and reckless misrepresentation of our party and its leadership. He is also the Secretary of the Research, Strategy and Intelligence Directorate of the Kaduna State PDP Campaign Organization. Same with Simon Musa Reef, the Secretary of the so-called Southern Kaduna Political Summit Group, a partisan journalist well known for his anti-APC journalism. Reef is also deeply involved in the campaign of calumny against Governor Nasir El-Rufai and his deputy, Yusuf Bala Barnabas. And all these for the political benefit of the PDP’s Governorship candidate, Isa Ashiru.

• To prove our point, one of the speakers at the event, Rev.Fr.Williams Abba Kaura is also a member of the PDP and was named asDeputy Director of Religious Affairs (Christian Matters) of the Kaduna State PDP Campaign Organization. His political partisanship, contrary to his vocation as a Catholic priest, is also well known. His status as a priest has not inclined him to a peaceful and honest disposition. Rather, he is eager to lend his voice to whatever will divide our people and paralyse them in a victim mentality when he knows by his training that God has endowed our people with many talents and the spirit of freedom. This priest not only violates his apostolic calling. He actively seeks to deny others their fundamental rights to political choice.

• Furthermore, facts at our disposal show, that the so called Southern Kaduna Political Summit Group originated from a PDP Whatsapp Group, where all the members of that Whatsapp Group are PDP members. This has gone further to show the intent and the mischief imbedded in the group to ridicule some of us who will always want a genuine and sincere political discourse that will better the lots of our people. There is no iota of sincerity and honesty in this charade except deepening the PDP agenda and its demonization of the APC by all means.

• We wish to state unequivocally that, we will always be ready to join any sincere and genuine political groups from our zone to discuss issues that affects our livelihood; but for this particular so called Southern Kaduna Political Summit Group that was formed to achieve certain selfish interests of the convener and his team, we will not be part of it. We therefore wish the convener and his team goodluck in their forthcoming programme.

• We also want to make it clear, that no individuals or groups pursuing their political agenda using religion, ethnicity and emotions can force on us their ideals. We are Nigerians and have the fundamental rights to our political choice. 

Comrade Malachy Nathaniel


Pst Daniel Hassan

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