The members of the Southern Kaduna APC Youth Stakeholders wish to respond and to equally clarify our position as APC political actors operating within the same geo-political zone where the above-titled communique was issued.

We wish to categorically state our position as follows:

1. The converners of that meeting who paraded themselves with the name: "Southern Kaduna Political Summit Group" claimed in the communique that their membership was drawn from various ethnic nationalities of the Southern Kaduna extraction. 

However, both the "Convener" and the "Secretary" hail from the same LGA; and they are staunch members and supporters of the PDP. For these reasons, we doubt their assertion that the membership of the "Political Summit Group" is a true representation and refelection of the ethnic nationalities of Southern Kaduna. Therefore, the communique could not have been made on behalf of the entire people of the zone, as such, we reject in totality, their political position. 

2. It is obvious from its name that the Political Summit Group is a political group; and the meeting it held was also a political meeting. Be that as it may, aside from claiming to draw membership from across the ethnic nationalities  of Southern Kaduna, the Political Summit Group should have also drawn membership from all the political parties in the zone. This is more so because the Political Summit Group is not a political party; and therefore does not have the capacity to change any political tide in the Zone.

For the records, we, the members of the Southern Kaduna APC Youth Stakeholders and all other stakeholders and members of the APC of Southern Kaduna extraction were not invited to the Political Summit. How could the Political Summit Group parade itself as speaking for and on behalf of the entire Southern Kaduna people on political matters when members of the ruling party (the APC) were not involved and their voice not heard?

3. Again, the Political Summit Group failed to involve the elected and appointed representatives of the people from the zone in its meeting. Between the Political Summit Group and the elected and appointed representatives, who is in a better position to discuss and pursue any Southern Kaduna political agenda? How could the Political Summit Group parade itself as speaking for and on behalf of the entire Southern Kaduna people on political matters when both the elected and appointed representatives of the people of the zone were not consulted and involved in the entire process?

On this, therefore, the communique could not have been made on behalf of the entire people or the political class of the zone. At best, it was issued in pursuit of the personal agenda of the Political Summit Group and its conveners.

4. The Political Summit Group "deprecated" Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai for refusing to engage on developmental projects for the people of Southern Kaduna; and it also "condemned the divisive disposition" of the Governor "to whip up negative sentiments that are not congenial to the unity of our state across religious divide."

The reference to, and description of Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai in the manner done by the Political Summit Group is not only actuated by hatred but by political mischief of the conveners and their supporters and it is also most unfortunate. This cannot be the Governor El Rufai that we know. The impression and picture of the Governor that the Political Summit Group painted cannot, in a reality, be taken as the general impression of the entire people of Southern Kaduna. To us, it is a warped impression created in the biased imagination of the Group and it will forever remain so.

The Governor El Rufai we know is busy renovating and building schools, hospitals and companies in the zone. These projects are there for all to see and touch. To mention a few: Government College, Kagoro; Government Girls' College, Zonkwa, Government Girls' Secondary School, Kwoi; Science School Jere; Science School Manchok; Primary Health Centers in each Ward of our Zone, township roads, etc.

Unfortunately, it is these same type of  people from our zone that have rejected a number of developmental projects initiated and supported by this administration as a result of their hatred for the Governor. For instance, the Vicampro Potatoe Project and the Quaint Solar Power Project (both in Kaura LGA), the Anjeed Solar Power Project (in Jema'a LGA) and the Ginger Processing Project (in  Kachia LGA) were all rejected by "our" people. Who then is to be blamed? 

The Political Summit Group has failed to give instances where Governor El Rufai displayed any "divisive disposition"; or, where his utterances or speeches were intended "to whip up negative sentiments that are not congenial to the unity" of the State across religious divide.

This blanket indictment, without more, should not have come from a Group that says its objective is "to seek for ways and means of ensuring that Southern Kaduna supports only candidates that have the interest of our people and the overall wellbeing of the state in the next gubernatorial and presidential elections". How can the Political Summit Group declare to be fair to the gubernatorial candidates of all the political parties in the forthcoming elections when it has already shown clearly and openly its hatred for Governor El Rufai?

5. On the issue of the killings that bedevilled our zone in the recent past, we wholeheartedly empathize and sympathize with those who lost their loved ones and means of livelihood. However, we wish to state that the killings predate this administration. There had been a number of attacks in the zone in the recent past; and the worst was between 2011 and 2015. In spite of that, there has never been any administration that is more committed to see to the end of these killings than this one. The Kafanchan military formation, the Mobile Police Strike Force in Kafanchan, Kachia's and Gidan Waya, e.t.c. are instances of the institutional efforts put on ground by this administration as part of the security architecture in the zone to ensure that these killings stop and peace is not only restored, but also entrenched in the zone. These efforts have contributed largely to the peace we enjoy today in the zone.

This administration has taken the issue of security even at the State level more serious; this is evident in the establishment of the Kaduna Peace Commission headed by one of our very own who is a renowned and an internationally aclaimed expert in peace and conflict resolution. 

6. On the issue of nomination of Dr Hadiza Balarabe (a Muslim) as the Deputy Governorship candidate by Governor El Rufai, we state that the Political Summit Group is not morally competent to say that "if his choice for a Muslim to run on the ticket with him was done in bad faith with a view to creating religious dissension and infuse division of our people, he has failed."

The success and failure of any candidate in an election is in the hands of God. Only Him can decide that fate. The Political Summit Group cannot decide the fate of Governor El Rufai, or that of Dr Balarabe. We shall therefore allow God to decide their fate through the electorates. We believe in the unity of this State, as such, we cannot sacrifice Dr Hadiza Balarabe's choice, her competency and her sisterhood on the alter of religion.

7. On a general note, we have noticed the manner in which we, the members of the APC from Southern Kaduna, have been labelled as enemies of the zone and considered less "Southern Kaduna" than others by some people and groups such as this Political Summit Group.

We reject that in its totality and cannot accept this situation. We have the right, just like any other person in the zone, to belong to any political party of our choice and conscience; and this right must be respected. We have chosen to belong to the APC and this choice should be respected by the Political Summit Group and others.

1. Hon. Daniel Hassan (Coordinator) - (Jaba LGA)

2. Hon. Malachy Nathaniel (Kagarko LGA)

3. David Ugah Lawrence (Kachia LGA)

4. Hon. Samuel Barnabas Kambai (Kaura LGA)

5. Comrade Yunana Barde (Jema'a LGA)

6. Dauda Aku (Sanga LGA)

7. Victor Zamani Madaki (Z/Kataf LGA)

8. Hon. Musa Waziri (Kauru LGA)

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