APC Kaduna Central will not accept imposition

The Zonal Leadership of the APC in Kaduna Central Senatorial District is shocked by the attempted exclusion of aspirants from our zone from the list of aspirants cleared to contest the primaries. In our view, it is undemocratic to prevent our party members from making a democratic choice from the vibrant list of aspirants who have put themselves forward.

We are aware that five of our members purchased and submitted expression of interest and nomination forms to contest the Senate primaries in our zone. It beggars belief that Shamsudeen Shehu Giwa, Uba Sani, Mohammed Sani Saleh and Usman Ibrahim were all not cleared. Only one of the five aspirants was cleared. This is a naked effort to foist a candidate on our zone, and we cannot accept this reckless act of impunity.

How can Mohammed Sani Saleh, a retired general who until May 2015 was the APC Senator for the same Kaduna Central, suddenly be deemed unqualified to represent the same party?   

Uba Sani has been a loyal member of the APC, and served the Kaduna State Government as Special Adviser on Political Matters for almost four years. He was appointed Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs in 2006. After such a distinguished record of public service at the federal and state levels, there is no basis for excluding him from democratic participation.

Certainly, there is no basis for not clearing our aspirants to contest the primaries to select the APC’s candidate to represent Kaduna Central in the Senate. The principle of natural justice requires that someone that has not been cleared is informed of the reason(s) and given an opportunity to appeal. None of our aspirants was given the opportunity of a fair-hearing through the appeals process.

Members of our zone view this action of unlawful exclusion as an affront to natural justice. It confirms what we previously dismissed as rumours to the effect that certain persons had been promised automatic tickets. The notion of automatic ticket contravenes the Constitution of the APC. In the weeks leading to the primaries, the leaders of the APC denied nurturing any such plans to subvert the party’s constitution and reward the most flagrant acts of misconduct, indiscipline and disloyalty. Were we wrong to have believed their assurances?

As members of the APC, we cannot be expected to condone conduct that violates party spirit and wantonly breaches the right of loyal members. Therefore, we call on the APC national leadership to immediately reverse this act of injustice in the interest of our party, its reputation and its integrity.

If this unjust action is not promptly reversed, then loyal party members in Kaduna Central will have no option but to take appropriate action to protect the APC and its democratic credentials. The APC was founded to uphold the finest standards of lawful and democratic conduct, a fact that attracted the support of the millions of citizens that voted for our party in 2015. We will not accept the imposition of a candidate that abandoned our party, to all intents and purposes, shortly after he used our platform to get elected in 2015.

What is at stake is whether our party still values the principle of discipline, political morality and loyalty in party affairs.

This undemocratic action of excluding loyal party members has created avoidable tension, threatening to complicate the security situation in our state. How can the party that controls the national government be so insensitive to our situation?

In addition, we view this as an attempt to dispirit our members and deliver Kaduna Central to the opposition. We cannot allow this to happen to our beloved APC, to which we have given so much, and for which we have abiding and unwavering loyalty. 


Aminu Jibo
Zonal Chairman, APC Kaduna Central Senatorial District
2nd October 2018

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