Fayose told you "Buhari is dead" and even posted his obituary, you believed.
After they poisoned Buhari, Fayose told you he had 11 pictures of Buhari in London hospital paralysed and dead you believed and uptill date you never questioned his rational behind those statements.
 They told you Buhari is a cloned Jibrin Aminu from Sudan, same you swallowed it hook , sinker and linen.
Buhari did not have a primary school certificate yet, he rose up in the military to become a general but it never bothered you.
They told you Buhari said "The Youths are Lazy" yet, you believed them despite all the counter claim by the presidency.
Premium Times misled you while saying 300 cows are more important than human lives in Plateau while they later apologized to Meyatti Alah for sponsoring fake news, you never came forward to tender your apology for causing confusion and spreading lies.
CAN apologized for misleading you for the Arabic sentiments yet, you never see what they did wrong.
Every bad news you are quick to share while requesting for the president who is fighting for you to present his certificate of about 70 years ago, why can't you ask those that impoverished your life to return our stolen wealth? You dissipates your energy on frivolities yet, closed your mind for things that will benefit your entire generation.
Well, i always like to see the way people reason or think in this country. I can see crazy people everywhere, oh! I can see madness written on some faces. So a graduate with ordinary pass is more competent than a graduate with better grade because of NYSC certificate? . Na wa for this country. The ordinary people are even worse than our leaders.
Kemi Adeosun is their target again. I can see that some reasonable Nigerians are falling for the blackmail of Kemi Adeosun.
Once you blocked their channels of stealing then they look for stupid ways to blackmail you through their pay as you go journalists just to disparaged the anti corruption war.
This week at Federal Executive meeting Kemi Adeosun sought for Executive Order for all the department agencies to publish how they spend their budget and it was granted. We should remember also that she put NNPC on the spot with the way they remitted money to the Federation account. She practically scolded them. And what happened thereafter?Kemi Adeosun forged NYSC certificate and she must resign.
If your defence is truly for honesty and genuity of purpose why not tell Saraki, Dino, Shehu Sanni, Jona Jang to explain their roles in sponsoring killer gangs or why not tell Atiku to explain how he siphoned Nigeria money for 17years through  INTEL.  Dino Melaye once had issues with his certificate, you stood for his defence as if you were blood related, hmmm, you never doubted him despite series of abnormalities in his certificate forgery saga. Abeg! why not tell your common sense Senator, Ben Bruce Murray to explain how he collected N11b loan and refused to pay for 13years now? Fayose lied that Federal Government sealed up AKURE Airport and up till now the Airport is opened yet, that never bothered you. Lies upon lies, propaganda without facts are all that pleases you.
This stupid blackmail by Premium Times won't fly and they can go to hell.
I once told you, I prefer a mechanic without certificate but with a good ideology to be my President, Governor or Chairman so as to drive Nigeria to a greater height and unto a good path, than an incompetent PhD holder with corruption stinking all over clueless like our hero past to be at the corridors of power.

Corruption must fight back, definitely these are the results when you open your heart to fight corruption to standstill but, Nigeria shall succeed.
Nigerians will survive.

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