New Kaduna State APC Chairman, ‎Jekada Set To Reconcile Aggrieved Party Members

The newly inaugurated Kaduna State APC Chairman, Air Commodore Emmanuel Jakada, Ph.D, mni (rtd) has said that one of the paramount tasks before him in steering the ship of the party, is to reconcile aggrieved party members who felt not being carried along in the schemes of governance in the state and bring them back on board, as he intend to go down to the root of the issues .

According to Jekada, he was not unaware of dissent in the party where some members think things should be done differently to such a level that has brought disrepute and threatening to tear the party apart in the state, which he said, must not  be allowed to continue.  These  developments, he noted, calls for a dedicated team of leaders that have the capacity and commitment to lead in the process of executing the mission, vision and the  manifesto of the party‎.

Air Cdre. Jakada stated this in an interview with Invicta Political Correspondent, Ango Bally on the state of the party crisis which saw some top party officials and elected leaders ‎threatening to dump the APC to other parties soon.
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Speaking further, the new Chairman who promised that he will be a fish‎er of men and women by uniting the party members, both the aggrieved and defeated so that the party can harness it's collective strength and broaden it's support base in the entire state, He went further to say that  he would initiate without any waste of time genuine reconciliation among party members. And to achieve this, he said he will administer the party  based strictly  on party discipline and  in accordance with its constitution.

On insinuations that the APC ‎lacks broad support base in Southern Kaduna, Jekada advised the people of Southern Kaduna to set their priorities right and embrace the party and be carried along in inclusive nation development, warning that Southern Kaduna cannot afford to be left behind in the schemes of national politics.
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He enjoined party fa‎ithful  to be morally conscious and be guided by some eternal truth which Mahatma Gandhi referred to as seven sins of social justice, which includes: "Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Religion without sacrifice and politics without principles".

He called on all members  to be conscious and be  guided in any thing they do  by the  principles of  the seven sin of social justice . He  then restated that his agenda of a renewed APC in the state, is to  build on the foundation laid by the previous leadership so that the party will consolidate it's winning strength in the state in the 2019 general elections. ‎#


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