KADPMC revolutionising agriculture in Kaduna State -Mr Chris Gaiya

The dynamic and transformational leadership of Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-rufai for Kaduna State, is not resting on it quest to revamp the economy and change the trajectory of the state wealth, after several consultations and interaction, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-rufai sought the approval of the Kaduna State Executive Council for the establishment of Kaduna Produce Management Company (KADPMC) on the 28th of November 2016.

KADPMC is  a private-sector led and managed entity, initiated by the Kaduna State Government, to support farmers in the state in a sustainable manner. We have as our vision "To make Kaduna State the foremost producer of agricultural commodities, thereby enhancing the agro-Allied value chain on Nigeria". We in KADPMC hope to establish efficient market linkages in order to enhance Kaduna State's position as the major producer of agricultural commodities.

Therefore, the government and its private sector partners spent most of 2017 agreeing the Public Private Partnership (PPP) structure for KADPMC.  Major players like Flour Mills of Nigeria, the Olam Group, Falke, Stallion Group and Springfield Agro were approached.  KADPMC was subsequently incorporated with Flour Mills, Falke Industries and Crown Flour Mills (an Olam company) as the initial majority shareholders, with KDSG holding a minority stake. Other companies like Tomato Jos, ShebagHoldings and Namalco are joining the KADPMC team.

In our quest to revolutionise the agricultural sector, KADPMC will provide produce aggregation, clean-up/processing, storage facilities to groups of farmers, liaise with buyers to purchase products.

KADPMC hopes to engage farmers groups to improve their technical capacities in sustainable farming practices, financial literacy and quantity assurance; carryout market research on commodities and disseminate as appropriate to players along the agricultural value chain; support farmers access to Government-owned farmlands to facilitate increased
crop production and also facilitate the provision of input credit to certified farmers within the cooperatives to ensure that they have the appropriate grade and amount of input.

In KADPMC, we are driven by the quest of giving our farmers better profits and encourage more hands to see reasons to go into agriculture, which will in turn boost the economy of Kaduna State.
I call on all willing citizens of the state to key into this vision and be patterns in agro-Allied business, to create a greener agro-based economy.

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