For those who want to genuinely understand this World Bank Loan brouhaha

Ten (10) States applied to get this loan as follows:

1) Ogun $350m

2) Ebonyi $70m

3) Abia $100m

4) Katsina $100m

5) Jigawa $32.4m

6) Kano $400m

7) Plateau $200m

8) Ondo $ 200m

9) Enugu $200m

10) Kaduna $350m

Only Kaduna State's request was REJECTED by the Senators that are supposed to be representing Kaduna.

We will go to Kano and appreciate flyovers and bridges, praise Ganduje then come back home and criticise Elrufai.

Just know that by denying Kaduna Loan request, our senators are fighting us not Elrufai.

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