NIGERIA: 2019! Buhari Already Has 12 Million Votes On Ground – Don Etiebet

A former Petroleum Minister, Chief Don Etiebet, has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari has 12 million votes already ahead of the 2019 presidential election.

He said that Buhari’s chances of re-election were very bright, citing the pattern of voting across the country that will favour him.

In an interview with Vanguard, the Chairman of Akwa Ibom APC Caucus highlighted some of the achievements of the president, adding that nobody in the country can match Buhari’s base of support.

He said, “He [Buhari] has created an atmosphere of fear for people not to be as corrupt as before. Look at what is happening in the case of Treasury Single Account (TSA); all of those trillions of Naira in the bank now through the TSA, where was it before?
“Public servants were taking all the money and nothing was saved. The country has been able to come out of recession because President Buhari has been able to get these monies that would have been looted.

“The Minister of Finance the others went to New York and said that the former government left an empty treasury and the people so accused have not come out to say they didn’t up till now.

“And you have also heard about all the monies looted in the Ministry of Petroleum. You have heard about all the monies looted in the Ministry of Defense which were meant to fight Boko-Haram but they didn’t use them.

“The Bible says ‘seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added unto you.’

“The Kingdom of God to reposition Nigeria for economic growth is to bring corruption to zero level. It may not get to zero level but can be reduced to a level that can allow development.

“So many things have to be reprogrammed, restructured and repositioned for the country to progress and you cannot achieve that overnight.

“But President Buhari has laid the foundation for achieving that and that is why I am supporting him. Since 2003 when President Buhari first entered the presidential election, he has had a base of support that you cannot dismantle.

“Nobody in this country can match Buhari in that base. Mr. President has a base of 12 million voters and, whatever people say, cannot be dismantled.

“In 2003, go and check the records, 12 million votes; 2006, 12 million; 2014, 12 million; 2015, 12 million, plus the top up from the South –West that didn’t vote for him before; like Kano which was PDP before, and Jigawa that was PDP before.

“Second, in 2003 the three southern zones, during election time under former President Obasanjo, declared only 880,000 votes for Buhari and declared over 12 million votes for Obasanjo. I was there and I stopped the announcement of the results because I said it was not proper and correct.”

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