NIGERIA: Saraki! North Has Been Undeservedly Bashed over Restructuring

The President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki on Tuesday said the North has unfairly been at the receiving end of vitriol and bashes amidst the call for restructuring in Nigeria.

This he noted, are from those who suggest that the North is a parasite on the body of the nation, and question what the region brings to the table.

Saraki, speaking in his address at the ongoing retreat of the Northern Senators Forum in Katsina, urged northern leaders to see the underserved vilification as a challenge to redouble efforts and put in place policies that would transform the region.
Saraki said the North, led by visionary leadership, has leverage and ought to negotiate from a position of strenght.

The Senate President proferred his personal opinion on restructuring to mean where all work towards economic development in every part of the country, so all Nigerians can all take pride of place in the Nigerian project, and no region is seen as a weak link.

“My own restructuring is when we oversee the budget process to ensure equitable spread of critical infrastructure in every corner of the country, so that no region is left out of the gains of economic recovery,”
“My own restructuring is when we create jobs and enhance food production so our people do not go hungry,” he said.

“My own restructuring is when we educate our children so that they can realise their full potential and partake in the promise of the future. My own restructuring is when we place a premium on delivering good governance, fight against corruption, valourise honesty and live to serve the people – without betraying the trust reposed in us,” Saraki added.

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