Yesterday, Wednesday 7th December, Senator Nenadi Esther Usman, Ph.D (in view), concluded her clearance to contest for the office of the National Secretary of our great party- Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)‎; the only party with widest national spread and the ever largest political party in Africa. This set the stage for a fierce and hopeful contest between the first and only woman to gun for a strategic office of a dominant party in Nigeria for that matter, and two other fellow men contestants viz: Senator Umaru Sauri (Katsina) and Alhaji Mustapha Abubakar(Kaduna North). The position has been micro-zoned to Northwest zone ( specifically, for Kaduna and Katsina States).

Sen. Nenadi popularly known as the Northern Amazon, is neither new to politics nor is she a push over, as she launched her self into politics at a younger age of 25 years in the aborted Third Republic when she was appointed Executive Advisor to Kaduna State Governor on Youth, Sports & Social Development; Information, Home Affairs & Culture  ‎during the Governor Alhaji Dabo Lere led National Republican Convention (NRC) government (1991-'93).

A graduate and Masters degree holder in Geography (ABU, Zaria), she also holds a Posts Graduate Diploma, Management (UniJos), Masters in Strategic and Security Administration, Nigerian Defense Academy, (NDA, Kaduna), respectively. Not yet done, she has just completed her Doctoral Degree desertation in Geography from her almamata, ABU, Zaria, just waiting for the award of doctorate degree soonest.

Now in her early 50s, distinguished Sen. Usman no doubt is a woman of valor-she's got beauty, brains and brawn; a seasoned administrator,  technocrat and experienced politician with strategic exposure and connections, she has held different positions in both public and private sectors of Nigeria. She served variously as Commissioner, Ministry of Women Affairs, Youth & Social Dev.; Environment & Natural Resources and Ministry of Health, Kaduna State (1999-2003), respectively.

At the national level, she was Minister of State for Finance and later substantive Minister of Finance 20‎03-2007). It is worth nothing that her self and the former Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Oknonjo Iweala teamed up to pilot the former President Olusegun Obasanjo's Economic Team that stabilized the country and ushered in humongous economic growth and development. There after, she was elected Senator of the Federal Republic, Southern Kaduna Senatorial District (2011-2015), where she was Chairman, Senate Committee on Investment, having been House of Representatives-elect (Kachia/Kagarko) Federal Constituency in the late Abacha defunct United Nigerian Congress Party (UNCP). Meaning that the Cock that was destined to crow, in deed crowed later, despite the political interregnum.
Sen. Nenadi was the Director of Finance, PDP Presidential Campaign Organization, 2015. She also served as member, Bayero University, Kano Development Board, among several other establishments.

Well armed with this uncommon, unparalleled and un‎matched diverse experiences, Sen. Usman is in deed, unargueably a round peg in a round hole, and whom the cap fit to occupy the post of the National Secreteary of our great party.

Offering her self for service at a strategic time like this when the party needs people with strategic experience to reinvent, rejigged, re-ingineered, restructured and repositioned it's self and stage a come back to establish national leadership, Sen. Usman in deed possess the political capacity, exposure the party dearly needs now for statecraft. ‎More so, she is bold, courageous, daring and don't give in to blinking; critical qualities daringly needed by any leading opposition party to tackling a daring ruling party giving to intimidation, coercion, blackmail and desperado tactics to silencing opposition and clinging to power...

A foundation member of PDP, Sen. Nenadi is not just like any other members who‎ joined the party mid way to reap from the fruits of other people’s labour, but a submissive, loyal, committed, dedicated member who's efforts to the development of the party since it's inception in 1998 is unarguebly a pragmatic attestation.

Coming from Southern Kaduna which has been the sustaining Power House ‎of PDP in the whole of Northwest zone since 1999 without a bling of failure to deliver, even where other states of the Northwest have been swept over by opposition parties at some instances; especially in this particular dispensation where it is only the Southern Kaduna Senatorial District in the whole of Northwest that withstood and defeated the APC 'Sak' hurricane to deliver the only Senatorial seat, four House of Representatives and six State House of Assembly members' seats in the 2015 general elections. With only Kajuru/Chikun complementing with one House of Representatives and State House Assembly members respectively. A confirmation that Southern Kaduna is in deed, the only zone that can pull the magic wand in Northwest PDP politics.

Therefore, if loyalty, commitment and dedication to party sustainability ‎is worth encouraging, then, it's worth rewarding loyalty to party-as to whom that has given out much to the party, the party too, should give him back in reward. Hence, Southern Kaduna is worth rewarding well enough.
Being the defining zone that has been sustaining the party consistently, Southern Kaduna deserves the party's support to produce the National Secretary position this time around. To this effect, the zone's sitting Senator, Sen. Danjuma Tella Laah wasted no time as he swift into pragmatic action by lodging a formal complain in writing to the Northwest Zonal leadership, stating that Southern Kaduna will not tolerate any attempt at shortchanging its humongous contributions to the sustenance of the party in the whole of Northwest zone, as it's views must be sort out in party leadership of the zone. This couple with the fact that the aspirant, Sen. Usman has proven to have the capacity and while withal to occupy the post- the appropriate job specification for the job description.

Women Support And Own Your Own ‎

‎Women constitute the highest voting power in the Nigerian political experience. Therefore, if the Nigerian women will rally round and support there own- Sen. Nenadi Usman on their match to this strategic office of the party, sure, victory is theirs! Nenadi's aspiration for the office of the National Secreteary is in deed, a challenge for the Nigerian women to support her to victory and prove that the 'Sarah Jibrin's only1vote' in the 2011 PDP Presidential primary election was a grave and regrettable mistake that cannot be allowed to repeat it self in their political history.

In this century when Liberian President, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has taken the lead as the first African woman president; when women in Rwanda have 50/50% political positions in government and the parliament, the Nigerian women should jettison the complex in them which limit them to only the post of Women Leader in the parties' hierarchy. It's high time to make your delegate votes count effectively, and wisely in your favour.

It's a challenge for the women to go to the convention with one spirit: a game of all for one, and‎ one for all; an injury to one woman is an injury to all Nigerian women!

As we appeal to all delegates to vote competence, capacity, experience, loyalty, round pegs in round holes, I look forward to all supporters and well wishers of Distinguished Senator Nenadi Esther Usman, Ph.D, and our great Party-PDP, converging here on Saturday, December 9th, 2017 to celebrate a NEW REBRANDED PDP with a NEW STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP set and ready to re-stage a come back to return Nigeria to its lost  glory.

 Though, a little while off the saddle, the Nigerian economy has lost so much=inflation/depression, with hunger, neo-colonialism/slavery, crass suicide  now the national anthem..., courtesy blame game= illed prepared power mongers on saddle...#‎

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