NIGERIA: I Will Never Give Up On My Agitation For Biafra, I Desire Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu

The self-acclaimed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has vowed not to give up his agitation for Biafra.

He said this in Enugu on Monday, where he paid a ‘thank you visit’ to the leaders of pan-Igbo groups, the Eastern Consultative Assembly and the Igbo Youth Movement.
“I desire Biafra. I want Biafra. I want nothing else other than Biafra. I will not settle for anything else other than Biafra.
“That was what I was born to do and that is what I will do till the day Biafra will come, that we may live as free men on this very earth as the Most High God, Chukwu Okike Abiama, ordained it,” Kanu said.
“I have chosen the option that we must be free as a people, that we must be liberated as a race and that we must have every God-given freedom due to us.
“I would not want to go to heaven to experience it (freedom). I want to experience it here,” he added.
Kanu thanked those who have supported the struggle while stating that the work was not yet done.
” I must be specific, and the Eastern Consultative Assembly, and all the market men, market women, those that closed their shops to see us and all those who made efforts to ensure that I was not consumed.
“I thank all of you, those who contributed to my being here today because without your pressure, I don’t think I will be here.
“However, the work is not done yet, we need to finish it.”
Speaking on the bail conditions given to him by the court, the IPOB leader vowed to challenge it.
“On those we left behind, we are making effort to see that they come out because they committed no crime. All we are seeking for is freedom – a return to the values we had before the advent of white men. A situation where people move their cows into our farms and slaughter our people will no longer be acceptable,” Kanu said.

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