NIGERIA: Whistleblowing Programme, How to Submit Information On Corruption and Get 5% Reward of Recovery

FG has Formally unveiled the portal to submit tip or report information about corruption happening in the Government.
The Whistleblowing Programme is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Finance that seeks to encourage anyone in possession of information about any of the following, to report it for Investigation.
– Violation of government financial regulations / procurement procedures
– Mismanagement or misappropriation of public funds and assets
– Financial Malpractice / Fraud / Theft of public assets
– Information on stolen or concealed public assets
– Manipulation of data or records
– Solicitation or collection of bribes
– Undocumented expenditure
– Splitting of contracts
– Conflicts of Interest
– Diversion/underreporting/concealment/non-remittance of government revenues
– Any other form of corruption involving government funds and assets

How to Submit Information to the Whistleblowing Programme.

– A Page Like this will come up.
– Click ‘SUBMIT TIP’ Button and Proceed.
– A Form below will come up which you will fill the required details.
– After that the Information submitted, the administrators of the Whistleblowing Programme will analyse it and make a decision as to whether the information is sufficient or credible enough to warrant the opening of an investigation into it under the terms of the Whistleblowing Programme. This preliminary analysis will be conducted within ten (10) working days of the receipt of information.
Investigations may be carried out internally (by the PICA Investigations Unit), externally (by another government body), or may require the constitution of an independent inquiry. Investigations will be conducted confidentially and speedily, and feedback will be provided to the Whistleblower. Official written records will be kept of all investigations.

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