NIGERIA: President Buhari May Reportedly Return to Nigeria On Saturday‎

Reports have it that President Buhari who is in United Kingdom for his vacation will be returning back to the country on Saturday.
President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari is expected back in Nigeria from his vacation in the United Kingdom this Saturday.
According to LEADERSHIP, a source claimed only a last-minute change of plans could stop that.
The source, who is reportedly a senior official in the presidency, said: “Barring any last minute change, we are expecting the president back this weekend, probably on Saturday.”
Buhari is also said to have cancelled an interview with a foreign media house on Tuesday, but will likely grant one before the weekend.
Another presidential source added that the President “had already packed his bags to leave on Sunday but was advised by his doctors to wait and get results of some tests he conducted before leaving that country.
“I can confidently tell you that Mr. President might still be there (in London) because he has to succumb to the superior knowledge of physicians who conducted medical checks on him, but his mind is in Nigeria.”
Reacting to rumours that Buhari was in a bad state of health, the source said: “What else do you expect from people? If it were to be other past presidents who go on vacation or medical checkup without official notification, there wouldn’t have been room for such rumour.
“But this is a president who is determined to remain transparent in whatever he does in office. Don’t forget that this is not the first time His Excellency is embarking on a vacation outside the shores of the country.”

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