NIGERIA: Nigerian Army Sentences 2 Soldiers to 7 Years Imprisonment For Manslaughter

Two Soldiers has been sentenced to 7 Years Imprisonment for being Guilty of Manslaughter.
Nigerian Army

The military mourt-martial set up by 7 Division of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri has yesterday sentenced two solders to various terms of imprisonment ranging from seven years and 14 months respectively.
The court-martial in the case of Lance Corporal Hassan Adamu found him guilty of shooting one Umar Alka to death at Monday Market.
The accused plea that the deceased was shot when he tried to snatch his  rifle was not accepted by the court as his case of murder was turned to manslaughter.
In his ruling, the president of the court-martial , Brig-Gen Olusegun Adeniyi said the soldier’s claim that the deceased, Umar Alka held on to the Nussle of his rifle  before the shooting does not prove that he was a considerable threat to him and other soldiers who joined him in beating the deceased.
“ There is use of excessive force on the unarmed civilian and the court found you Lance Corporal Hassan Adamu guilty not on murder but on manslaughter and you are hereby sentenced to seven years imprisonment,”  said Brig-Gen  Adeniyi.
The second case involved Private Chigozie Egbe who was charged for deserting his duty post at Gwoza and losing his  AK 47 and many rounds of ammunition during Boko Haram attack at the town.
While the court did not find him guilty on count two , loosing his AK 47 and ammunition to Boko Haram terrorists , he was found guilty on  count one , deserting his duty post and staying away comfortably at home while he was declared missing.

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