What Kaduna State people need to know about the 6 weeks operational international flights at Kaduna Airport....

First.... I will like to commend the distinguished Afro senator Senator Shehu Sani for his words of support over the proposed ✈ schedules in Kaduna at the Senate plenary yesterday. Indeed he has spoken well.

Secondly, It's a great opportunity for the good people of Kaduna state to show the international world that Kaduna is peaceful and secured despite the media propaganda to paint the state BLACK by unscrupulous elements.

On the side of the people.... With resume ✈ due to closure of Abuja airport business and commercial activities will be on the rise, ranging from those roadside pure water sellers down to high profile entries in town, commercial drivers and not left out, hotels and recreational joints will equally smiles as well.

Markets and fillings station within the state will certainly feel the tempo as well.

On the government side, revenue generation is equally certain, with a rise in commercial activities, and with the current government of the day, we expect maximum utilization of revenue proceeds for even development.

We want to call on all kadalites to support the state government in being law abiding and promote peaceful coexistence despite our differences.

Lastly....  We commended the FG for choosing Kaduna state as the alternative route for international flights after the proposed closure of Abuja Airport for repairs.

Ismaeel Kasim

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