the Gambian National Assembly to convene this afternoon to extend Jammeh's term of office

When you think that Jammeh and hisycophantic supporters have finally come to their collective sense, they pull a surprise.  But this is madness.

The National Assembly is convening this afternoon as 3:00 PM to extend Jammeh's term of office beyond the constitutionally-sanctioned of "up to 60 days from the date of the presidential elections."

The unconstitutional extension of the presidential term is seen by many as 'treasonable" and any National Assembly member engaged in such activity is committing a treasonable offense according to knowledgeable sources

Today the Chief Justice informed the outgoing president's ruling party the APRC failed in its attempt to have the Supreme Court nullify the results of the December 1st presidential elections that favored Adama Barrow.  The earliest he could get judges freed from their judicial duties in the Nigerian courts would be in May.  And it is for this reason and this reason alone, Jammeh is instructing the National Assembly to convene immediately to extend his term of office,

Developing story .

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