Donald Trump Wins Kentucky and Indiana As Hillary Clinton Takes Vermont


Donald Trump has won two deep red states — Kentucky and Indiana — earning a total of 19 electoral votes in his bid for the presidency. And Hillary Clinton has won Vermont’s three electoral votes, emerging victorious in the state represented in the Senate by Bernie Sanders, her top Democratic challenger in the primaries.
Voters who surged into polling places across America on Tuesday were sharply divided over whether either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton had the experience and character to lead the nation, and large majorities of those who cast ballots expressed doubts about the honesty and integrity of both candidates.
A race that has been dominated by ugly, personal attacks appears to have taken a toll on voters, who said in early exit polling that they had serious misgivings about Mr. Trump’s treatment of women and about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server.
The country’s mood appears darker and more pessimistic than it was four years ago, with about 60 percent of voters saying the country is seriously on the wrong track, compared with only about half of voters who said that in 2012. More than two-thirds of Tuesday’s voters said they were dissatisfied or even angry with the way the federal government was working.
Many voters who cast ballots early in the day said they were eager for a president who could bring change to Washington, though they expressed dismay that issues like the economy had been largely overlooked in the brutal, long and nasty campaign.

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