Talks About The Just Concluded KEA AWARDS!

Just barely four(4) days after the successful conclusion of the most epic awards in northern Nigeria "KADUNA ENTERTAINMENT AWARD" there has been a lot of controversies and ranting over the results!
In order to make everything clear we had a quick chat with the CEO and Chief Organizer of the grand awards "KEA ADAMS" who explained and expressed himself about the awards.

SEEPMUZIK: Good day sir, is so nice to have you on board. Thanks for accepting our request.
KEA ADAMS: You welcome bro.

SEEPMUZIK: What were your expectations for KEA Awards 2016 and will you say they were fulfilled?
KEA ADAMS: I was expecting something we've never seen before in the history of Kaduna entertainment awards history and the entertainment scene as a whole,i was expecting total package and winners who will be of good moral value and also uplift the industry in the couple of months, on if i was fulfilled, yes and no.

SEEPMUZIK: Why the yes and no?
KEA ADAMS: Yes because we had new acts coming up and that's something to be happy about ,over the years we had regular acts been recycled but u cant say that anymore, No because we had allot of forces that came against us from were u did not expect, entertainers went to Prestige hotel to scatter the venue arrangement we had, allot of issues that ordinary we couldn't survive but God did it for us,so I wasn't fulfilled because the entertainers i am working for are working hard against us which is really not good for the game.

SEEPMUZIK: There has been a lot of controversies and misunderstanding after the awards cause some artists who believed they should have won a particular category didn't win, what do you have to say bout this?
KEA ADAMS: Even the aftermaths of elections have a big lesson to teach us because after the winner have been decided people will be somewhere calling it rigging, so we were not expecting less of the reaction we got ,the Rap category had allot of got acts in it but you must know this,everyone there could be the winner and that is why we had only the best on it,after doing our job we asked you to tell your fans to vote for you because 60% was strictly from your fans and 40% was up to the Jury that are left with your songs to score,so if if D.I.A pulled over 600 votes and the jury said he is dip and avoid the F words more than any other nominee on the category,we look up to having a model people will follow and you can see it from D.i.a that night when confronted, he just looked the other way round and left ,now that is someone to emulate ,now the question is this,"if it was D.I.A that did what BBK did do you think BBK will do what D.I.A did?

SEEPMUZIK: That's true though, I know in person is someone people look up to. What do you have to say to those who believe in you and Kea Awards?
KEA ADAMS: I will really appreciate them for believing in me and the vision, their believe will yield success because i am still doing this because they believe in us and the industry needs people like that.

SEEPMUZIK: So should we expect anything new for KEA 2017?
KEA ADAMS: Sure, we will see a more competitive events with more categories to be introduced and possibly drop some categories more especially the "Next Rated" in case this year's next rated fall below expectation again, we wanna grow and awards are to make you grow and if a category is not growing then we drop it

SEEPMUZIK: And to those who didn't win this year?
KEA ADAMS: They Should do more quality jobs and build fan base, lets expand our brand and expand the industry together and we could be winners next year.

SEEPMUZIK: Thank u so much sir for your time.
KEA ADAMS: You welcome my brother!

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