Universities Must Explain Why Qualified Candidates Don’t Get Admission – JAMB

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation
Board (JAMB) has said universities must
follow due process in conducting their
admission screening.

The examination body on Friday noted that
admissions for the 2016 academic year will
not be done arbitrarily.

Ishaq Oloyede, JAMB registrar said this in
Abuja during the extra ordinary technical
committee meeting on 2016 admissions.

He said: “We will not accept whatever is done
arbitrarily. I hope those that are here will
make adjustments. They must be able to
explain why somebody with a high score was
not given admissions.

“What we are saying is that people should
follow due process. Universities have the
right to have criteria for admission but the
criteria must be reasonable; the criteria
must be explicit.

“I therefore re-state my earlier submission
that the Senate and academic boards of the
institutions have the primary responsibility
of recommending candidates to the Joint
Admissions and Matriculation Board for

“What we said was that some of the
recommendations the institutions brought
earlier were not explicit in terms of criteria,
and we have ásked our colleagues in the
universities to send better criteria.

“I have a particular school where the person
who scored the highest was not taken and the
reason was because the university changed
its rules. That will not be accepted.

“You cannot change the rules when the game
is on. You have to wait till 2017 to publish
the new rules. You cannot have a particular
rule and change to another.

“Where things are not done properly, we will
not be only doing what is right but we will be
seen by reasonable people, that we have
done what is right.”

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