Patience Jonathan Says $31.4m Was For Her Medical Bills

Former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan,
has written a letter the Acting Chairman of
the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) explicating that the $31.4
million connected to the financial fraud
levelled against Mr. Waripamo Dudafa by
EFCC was for the payment of the medical bills
she incurred in London in 2013.

The monies in a local bank and claimed by
Mrs. Jonathan were placed on a No Debit
Order in the course of investigations into the
financial affairs of Mr. Waripamo Dudafa,
who served as Special Adviser on Domestic
Affairs to former President Goodluck

Patience Jonathan claimed ownership of the
$31.4 million in the affidavit before a
Federal High Court in Lagos.

In the affidavit by Sammie Somiari a legal
practitioner on behalf of Patience Jonathan
claims that it was Dudafa who helped Mrs
Patience Jonathan to open the four bank
accounts which the EFCC froze.

This made the EFCC to file an amended 17-
count against Dudafa and seven others,
including the four companies, with the
defendants being accused of conspiring to
conceal the monies which the EFCC claimed
they ought to have known formed parts of
the proceeds of an unlawful act.

The former first lady in her letter to the
Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim
Magu by her lawyers, Granville Abibo (SAN)
and Co enjoined the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Skye Bank to
lift the restriction placed on the accounts.
In the letter Patience Jonathan admitted that
the she is the sole signatory to the accounts
and the accounts were card-base.

She further went to say that she has been
using the account to pay for her medical bill
and other personal purposes and that she is a
law-abiding citizen.

“It is noteworthy to emphasise that the said
accounts, which were in US dollar
denomination, were card-based accounts and
our client is the sole signatory to these

“Our client has been operating the said
accounts using the cards for her medical bill
payments and purchases for her private
purposes without any let or hindrance.

“Our client was therefore surprised when the
said cards stop functioning on July 7, 2016, or
thereabout. Our client immediately,
thereupon, contacted Skye Bank Plc through
our solicitors.

‘‘It was only then that the bank officials
informed our client that the said accounts
were placed on a ‘No Debit Order’ following
investigations and instruction from your
commission and this is without notice to our
client by either the bank or the commission.

“It is in the light of the foregoing that we
urge you to use your good offices to vacate
the ‘No Debit/Freezing Order’ placed on the
said accounts.”

“Despite the foregoing, our client, who is a
law-abiding citizen, has watched with surprise
how efforts are being made surreptitiously to
indirectly harass or harangue her and short-
change her of her personal funds in breach of
her fundamental human rights.

“We urge you sir, to kindly intervene to stop
the untoward and wrongful actions of your
officials to embarrass, inconvenience and
short-change our client.”

Madam Patience Jonathan, on the 17 of
February in 2013, had said she died and woke
up after seven days during her illness for
almost three months.

Patience Jonathan testimony.

According to her testimony in 2013 she said
she underwent seven surgery operations
within one month and the doctors had given
up hope on her survival.

“I remember when Chief Obasanjo was the
President of the country, I was close to his
late wife, Stella. We worshiped together in
this chapel.

It was a painful moment for me that time
when she (Stella) died and her corpse was
brought here. “That was how my corpse
would have been brought here.

It was not an easy experience for me. I
actually died, I passed out for more than a
week. My intestine and tummy were opened.

“I am not Lazarus but my experience was
similar to his.

My doctors said all hope wa

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