Siasia: Kiss Nigeria Good Bye

The Olympic Bronze medal-winning coach , Samson Siasia,
have said he is “done” working for Nigeria .
Lamenting the poor attitude of the Nigerian Football
Federation (NFF) and the ministry of sports during the
games in Rio, Siasia said that since arriving from Rio, no
staff of the ministry has contacted the team.
He said l,  “My next step is that I am done with Nigeria for
“You can’t keep going to a place where they don’t
appreciate you. It does not worth it. Sometimes it is not
about the money but the approach.
“They seem not to appreciate the sacrifices. I know how
much I have sacrificed since the team began camping two
years ago. How can you keep going to people who don’t
appreciate you?
“It does not make sense, so I am done for now. I have to
go somewhere else where they will appreciate what I have
done and what I can do and pay me the respect that I
Siasia also revealed that the NFF had taken the car that
was given to him.
“Even before I returned from the Olympics, the only car
they gave me, they took it away from my wife. That is just
“That is not how to treat someone who was out there
seeking glory for the nation. Let them eat their national
Siasia took the Under-20 team to the finals of both the
2005 U20 World Cup and the U-20 African Youth
He won the African Youth Championship and advanced all
the way to the world final, before losing to Argentina 2–1.
He also assisted Augustine Eguavoen in coaching the
national team.
Appointed national U-23 coach in January 2007, he
coached the team to the Olympics final in 2008, losing to
Argentina to secure silver.
Earlier in 2008, the U-23 team won the inaugural
Intercontinental Cup in Malaysia, with players selected
from the domestic league defeating many teams headed
for the 2008 summer Olympic games.

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