President Buhari Has No Interest in Making Money for Himself – Gov. El-Rufai

“The President is not a man who has interest in making money
for himself or for his friends. Mistakes could be made;
only God is perfect," he added.

Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State on Sunday said he
was sad that Nigerians were experiencing worst economic
recession ever witnessed in the history of the nation.
El-Rufai, who spoke in Lagos during the Sunday service of
The Latter Rain Assembly, noted that it was crystal clear
that Nigerians were battling with multi-facetted challenges,
which were the outcome of the looting of the nation’s
resources in the past years.
He, however, called on Nigerians to cooperate with the
President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to see the
nation through its trying times, adding that the president
did not intend to enrich himself with the nation’s treasury.
The governor said, “We have always known that there is
massive corruption in Nigeria but the revelations of the
past one year have shocked even the most pessimistic of
critics. Nearly 70 per cent of Nigeria’s oil revenues
disappeared without a trace.
“Of course, there must be consequences for that. When we
sit down with President Buhari these days, I pity him. I pity
him because he has always become President anytime
Nigeria is in trouble.
“First, it was after the NPN (National Party of Nigeria)
government had almost grounded the economy (in 1984)
and now, after a massive looting of the nation’s treasury;
and he has to lead the team to fix it.
“But we are working round the clock to fix these problems.
With your prayers and the cooperation of Nigerians, we
shall surmount these problems.”
“President Buhari loves humanity passionately; his
strength is that he believes everyone could be trusted,
which is also a weakness. When he gives people any
assignment, he expects people to carry out the assignment
with all honesty. Unfortunately, this is not so all the time
as we have seen over time and that’s why I said it is a
“The President is not a man who has interest in making
money for himself or for his friends. Mistakes could be
made; only God is perfect,” he added.
El-Rufai attributed his status today as a governor to the
advice of the Serving Overseer of The Latter Rain
Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, who, he said, invited him
to “Buhari’s party,” the CPC (Congress for Progressives
Change) in 2011.
He stated, “I already made up my mind never to go into
public office after I left office the last time. Pastor Bakare
told me that I should not be bitter; that I should forgive
anyone who might have offended me and should move on
with my life.
“He then invited me to the join Buhari’s party, the CPC, in
2011 and we have continued since then. Today, I’m close
to President Buhari because of what Pastor Bakare has
done. Today, I’m a governor because of what Pastor
Bakare has done. I’m no longer sad; I’ve forgiven
everyone; and I’m no longer bitter.
“More importantly, we need the prayers of Nigerians to

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