PHOTO: Three Ex-Militants Graduate With First Class From UK Universities

Three ex-militants who got scholarships funded by the
Nigerian Government under the Niger Delta Amnesty
Programme have emerged with First class degrees from
UK Universities.
The former militants, Nicholas Goodness, Terubein Fawei
and Lucky Azibanagein graduated from their respective UK
Universities with First class Degrees.
Nicholas Goodness and Terubein Fawei studied public
relations, telecommunication and networking engineering
respectively and graduated from the University of
Bedfordshire while the third of the former militants, Lucky
Azibanagein who studied mechanical engineering and
Robotic system graduated from University of Liverpool.
The three graduates were congratulated by the Coordinator
of Presidential Amnesty Programme, Paul Boroh at an
event organised by the Nigerian High Commission in the
UK on Friday.
Mr Boroh while restating President Muhammadu Buhari’s
commitment towards ensuring the sustainability of the
amnesty programme said: “President Buhari is ever ready
to implement the blueprint upon which the amnesty
programme was established. The era of impunity and
phoney contracts are gone for good”.

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  1. Fantastic. This is the stuff the Amnesty program should be made of against just paying out monthly stipends to people while they idle their time away. We need concrete products of the program like this. Big congratulations to the graduands.