I try as much as i could not to  comment on the recent Statement credited to the Parents of the Abducted Chibok school girls where they chided Mr President in different form in respect to the rescue of their Daughters.. Out of sympathy & how passionate i have always been towards the CHIBOK plight both in the past & present  that is why i never wanted to comment on the matter.

But it has became necessary for me to comment in order to clear some fallacy which may likely become an admitted truth if left unchallenged, & to further  put the record straight where they belong so that people shouldn't be misinformed ..

1. They regretted voting for BUHARI !

Really? By hearing that insensible statement what comes to my mind was just to Laugh it off,  because people like us who still have good memories & facts in our disposal know fully well of what transpired in the North East during the Elections.  And the facts before me can confirm that the people of Chibok in Borno State didn't vote for President BUHARI in 2015 General elections, remember most of the votes were casted in the Camp's of the internal displaced Person's  across the State Cuz of the security challenges at that time.. And the Camp's of  KAGA, KUKAWA,  MAFA, BAMA, ASKIRA-uba,  & the Maiduguri metropolitan city  gave President Buhari the highest number of votes he got in BORNO state, Chibok was not even mention because many of the Chibok displaced people took asylum in MUBI Adamawa state  & that was where many of them casted their votes & it was Jonathan they voted for,  Just as the indigenes of Michika, Madagali,  Maiha, Hong, who were all displaced & sack out of their Communities by BOKOharam under the watchful eyes of former President Jonathan but yet  on Election day they all voted for JONATHAN & what do you think is responsible for such action?? Ur guess is as good as mine!

2. BUHARI should resign for failing to rescue their Children??

The worse statement ever! How can he resign  simply because he is unable to rescue the Chibok Girls ? Was that his paramount responsibility that he was voted for??  The Chibok people should even be thankful to Comrades like us who use different medium to propagate their Course,  fully known that it was not only the Chibok girls that were abducted by BOKOhatam terrorists  even before Chibok,  thousand of Women & Children  were abducted across Borno state by BokoHARAM , ... So telling the President to resign for his inability to rescue their Daughters is the most senseless & reckless Statement i have heard this year., Yes the President as a Leader and a passionate Father does promised    to rescue this Girls just as any other responsible Father will wish to,  but can't the Chibok community  appreciate the President for at least bringing back sanity of Peace to their respective homes? That for the first time in three years the famous GSS Chibok will be reopen in September for studies?? Can't they also appreciate the Political-will in this President who have shown his readiness to bring total peace to Borno state, North East, & the entire Country? I thought they celebrated Christmas in CHIBOK last year? Something that eluded them in 2014, i thought many of them are now back to their farms? Something that they have not done for a while, Pls let the CHIBOK community should not be an ungrateful followers.. I leave them with the following question;

- Between the President who deliberately refuse to secure their Community' for them leaving them vulnerable to the threat of Bokoharam terrorists which resulted to the abducting of their daughter's,   And the President who have now effectively secured their Community for them so that their daughter's will not be further abducted  in future who deserve to resign??

- Between the President who him & his Family and other bunch of goons never believe that their Daughter's were abducted in the first place,     With the President who has shown enough remorse to their plight who deserve resignation??

- Between the President who threaten to withdrew all the military personals in Borno State simply because Governor Kashim Shettima advice his govt to  motivate and provide the troops with good weapons, With the President who has now motivated our troops in all front to secure not only CHIBOK but the entire Borno State who suppose to resign??

- Between the President whose wife mock & ridicule the Abduction of their daughter's with mimic like  " DIA'iz God ooohhh"    "Principal na only you waka Kwam"   "Go & look for your Child's & leave my Husband out of it "    " All the bloods we are sharing in Burnu will answer"    & she even humiliate  & other the arrest of a CHIBOK high profile Stakeholder in ABUJA ,  Mrs Na'omi Muriah  for impersonation

    And the President whose Wife shows enough concern about their plight by even donating about 55million naira to them , who deserve to be Stone??  

At least under President BUHARI we have seen an  AMINA Ali nkeki { one of the confirmed Chibok Girls}  who was brought to the Villa , how many were brought to the Villa under Jonathan whose negligence & sheer of insensitivity Led to their Abduction??

Abeg this CHIBOK people should be rationale in thinking & Support the Govt to finish-up this Job  which will crown the President statement  which he said on his inauguration that "We can't win the War against BOKOharam if the Chibok Girls are not rescue"

MAY GOD make it Easy for our Military out there to finish-up the Job.


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