Aisha Wakil Opens Up On What Boko Haram Leader Told Her

The female lawyer, who was last week declared wanted by
the Army, Aisha Wakil, has revealed what Boko Haram
leader told her before members of the sect started bearing
In her first major interview after she was declared wanted
and granted administrative bail, Wakili told Daily Sun that
the late Muhammed Yusuf, leader of Boko Haram, told her
the group had been betrayed.
According to her, when she discovered that Boko Haram
members were undergoing military training, she sent for
Yusuf and inquired if what she heard about declaring war
with government was true and the group’s leader
Wakili said: “I sent for him (Yusuf) and he came. He moved
like a governor because he was loved by the group. I asked
him: ‘my son, I have been hearing some rumours. Are they
true?’ And he asked me what I had heard. I asked him if he
was planning on starting a war and he said yes. They do
not lie to me.”
On why Boko Haram wanted to start a war, Wakili said
Yusuf stated that some of their members had had been
killed, buried and that the government betrayed them. “And
I asked him why so. He said I was there when some of
them were killed and buried. He said they would fight the
government. I said it was not going to happen. I asked him
if I could come in and he agreed. He said the government
had betrayed the group, but he refused to tell me what the
betrayal was all about. He said that they would call me and
some elders and I will know how they were betrayed.”
The lawyer said that after that she could not meet Yusuf
again, as Boko Haram started a war.
“On July 28, 2009, they started a war. I called Muhammed
to know if it was part of their plan and he said yes. My
intention was to meet him on Sunday evening, July 29,
2009. July 28, 2009 was the last time I spoke with him.
On Monday, someone told me that he saw him with a boy.
Then, I was carrying my three-month child. I wore some
clothes and told my family that I was going out to find
Muhammed Yusuf. When I got there, I was told that he had
gone to Galadima area. I went there, but the bombings
were too much and my driver made a U-turn. We drove
back to West-end and parked. The children were clapping
their hands. They had never seen a thing like that before. I
was still contemplating what to do when I saw a convoy of
motorcycles. The riders had turbans on their heads and
there was Shekau. They drove to Tashan Baga and I
chased them with the little energy I had. That was the last
time I saw him,” she said.
Wakili said the Federal Government’s peace committee set
up by former President Goodluck Jonathan failed in its
mission because of the insincerity of some members.
“Some people involved in the peace deal were not sincere.
There were people they brought as Boko Haram members.
I do not know all the people that were brought. The ones I
know are the Shehuri-North boys and they are truly
members of the sect. There is a difference between the
Yusfians, Ja’amantalis Sunnah and Boko Haram. The
Yusfians were with the Boko Haram members, but they did
not fight wars,” she told Daily Sun .

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