Why northern politicians are angry with Buhari

Dr. Junaid Mohammed, a sharp critic of former

President Jonathan, has bared the mind of most

northern politicians on the Buhari led administration.

In a telephone interview with reporters, Junaid

expresses disgust at the way the man the North

supported runs the presidency.

Hear Junaid yourself:

“As far as we are concerned, the president’s principal

adviser, his nephew, is one nonentity called Mamman


“Then there is his Chief of Staff [Abba Kyari], who

was brought up by Mamman Daura.

“And the scoundrel who is the Secretary to the

Government of Federation [Babachir David].

“Then most of the incompetent ministers, whom are

not cut out to work harmoniously with the legislature.

“And of course, there is the unfortunate additional

bad luck of Buhari being surrounded by his own

relations who are not politicians.

“For instance, Mamman Daura, virtually runs the

government. He has veto power.

“There have been instances when Buhari gave written

approval for things to be done, and that man threw

the paper away.

“He has become such a tyrant in the Presidency. He

is a nephew to Buhari.

“His father was the elder brother of Buhari.

“Although their age difference is about three years,

his father is an elder brother to Buhari and they grew

up together.

“[Abba Kyari] was brought up by Mamman Daura. His

father left him with Mamman Daura to go to Borno,

his original state where he was a village head.

“And for all intents and purposes, he is a son of

Mamman Daura. He is now the chief of staff to


“Then [Kabir Daura] the personal assistant to Buhari

himself, is the son of Mamman Daura.

“And the girl [Aisha Abubakar] who was picked out of

nowhere from Sokoto. She is not a member of the

APC. She has nothing to do with anybody.

“She was picked and made a minister by Mamman

Daura and Buhari because her mother is Buhari’s


“So it is really a contradiction for Buhari to have, for

example a nephew of his, the son of his elder sister

as the Minister of Water Resources [Hadi Sirika].

“He has another niece of his, the elder sister of

[Sirika], who is now a national commissioner in the

INEC, Amina Zakari.

“Buhari nominated her even before he became
president when Jonathan asked him to nominate
somebody to represent the North West in INEC.
“He chose that woman.
“Unfortunately for the country and for Buhari’s legacy
himself, he has packed the Presidency with his own
“There are many people who are his own cousins in
the Presidency.
“In my own understanding of history and politics, this
is what you call nepotism. And if you are against
corruption, you cannot be nepotistic,” Junaid

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