BALEWA never struggled to be Prime Minister. BELLO was qualified but gave it to BALEWA......
SHAGARI never wanted to be President.......but he ruled!

ABIOLA wanted it since 1983......he never got there even in 1993....We loved him but he did not get it.....

OBJ never lobbied for or desperate to be President. Falae wanted to since 1992 but he never got it.....OBJ did.

ODILI struggled and spent billions to get it....he never got it.....Yar'adua was not even physically strong enough yet he got it without spending his personal cash. ODILI got nothing!

JONATHAN has neither the cash nor the finesse to be President but he got it. He defeated desperate IBB and ATIKU in the primaries and BUHARI in the general!

BUHARI resigned to fate. He declared that he will not contest again. That is when GOD handpicked him and made him the President after HE had earlier watched him exhausting his personal energy and killing his desperation!

The time when JONATHAN had  no strength, he defeated mighty BUHARI....But when he had all the strength and money...he lost to a BUHARI who had given up!

SARAKI...Your father used Yoruba name in the south and Fulani name in the North, yet he did not win....

This is for our reflection.

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