RE: Dalung,His Dreams And The Tantrum

It’s okay to criticize a leader but it’s sheer
stupidity when the criticism is mere
blackmail and slander. The headline as
penned by Adekunle Salami a supposed
informed sport journalist fit the description
of an “ugly lie”. This lashing on the person
and office of the Honourable minister of
Youths and Sports, Solomon Dalung by
Adekunle Salami on the Telegraph
newspaper (p15)of Saturday 16th July,2016
awfully failed as he can also be termed as
one out of the many boot licking new
generation journalists who want to
baselessly rant and dig fault against the
government at all costs in order to gain
cheap popularity. Hence , I being a patriotic
person and a concerned citizen, I choose to
respond to his “apt and sage” story so that
his effort to being recognized as a watchdog
to the soceity doesn’t go down with the story
to the drain.
I want to categorically state that I consider
his “folktale” as a calculated attempt
sponsored by the enemies of the Honourable
Minister to tarnished his highly respected
image. That not withstanding, everyone is at
liberty to use any media organ to feed the
public with concocted stories to take a stab
at damaging the image of their victim (s).
On the issue of whether Nigeria is prepared
for Rio 2016 or not, seriously, I no longer
know the meaning of “prepared” in the
version of Salami Adekunle. You mean the
participants should have been sent to Brazil
on a mock trial for the Olympics to prove
and convince your type on how prepared
they are? Yet you captured that he promised
to bring 10- 15 medals to Nigerians. Is that
how much you lack patience to wait for their
return before wagging? Oh you can’t wait
that long to blacklist the Honourable
Minister because time is not on your side as
your pay master(s) may send you off their
hooks. I think your confusion needs a
medication. I don’t think someone who has
not harness efforts can brag of victory. So
you lost it here.
Also, reading through your self-style
hypocrisy which in your naivety you called
the minister a movie actor. I have tried to
grab the movie title, his role and how he
acted it but to my greatest surprise you
failed again to give us the instances where
he can be said to be acting while dutifully
doing his job. Dalung is a man of integrity,
who doesn’t put up acts, he doesn’t cut
corners, he says things the way it is without
fear or intimidation from anyone which is
evident in your story that he raised an
alarm when he was given $2,000 instead of
over $6,000. I am glad you captured that it
was investigated courtesy the alarm he
raised. What if the top officials were given
$3,500 and the Minister was supppsed to be
given $6,000 as purported by you and he
collected the amount given to him and kept
mute where would the remaining $4,000 go
to? Your pay masters’ pockets I guess. That
goes to shows, he doesn’t deter on
investigating and fighting corruption and
you cowardly failed to point instances where
he could be said to be corrupt but you didn’t
which makes your submission baseless. So
you see , you lied and contradict yourself
again on this Mr Adekunle the journalist of
our time.
Now I found this very interesting. So the
minister’s silence on the NFF “palava” is
translated by you to deduce that is because
the accussed is from same state with plaintiff
1 (Chris Giwa). If at all that is the case, what
makes you think he cannot in his capacity
rule the case in favour of the plaintiff1
(Chris Giwa)? Maybe that’s the same reason
why the immediate past government could
not intervene in the case because the
plaintiff 2 (Amaju Pinnick) are both from the
South South region. Learning from the
master of speculation and assumption,just
using your narrative and giving it back to
you in the same coin. Base on your
reportage, I am of the conclusion that Chris
Giwa was denied justice by the previous
government because Pinnick was favored by
his South South President(Amaju).
Every well meaning Nigeria can now see the
broad daylight theft of justice done to Chris
Giwa by the past government. The denial of
justice was actually in two phases:
1. Because Pinnick is from the same zone as
the President hence an easy way to shut
door of justice against Chris Giwa.
2: The conspiracy of silence by his Plateau
brother in which everyone thought it was
just for him to use his office to give him back
his mandate but he neglected and shunned
the case probably out of consideration for
what the likes of Adekunle would say. Yet
Adekunle and his likes are still publishing
their ill-conceived assumptions to purposely
mislead the public.
Now Chris is being hit back to back both in
the last and the present dispensation any
sane mind should ask the “why”?
Mr minister please administer justice to
Chris Giwa and stop the docility and the
unsolicited consideration of what people
would say should it be in Chris Giwa’s favor
which of-course the court has since decided
whose justice was overdue denied.
Mr journalist, it is catastrophic adventure,
very devoid of common reasoning yet highly
important to school you and the gullible
ones that courts are the last abode for those
denied justice not some sorts of ministry
which is why the Honourable Minister
withdrew from intervening in the case
because both plaintiffs are claiming right.
His efforts was thrown in the wind as the
meeting resulted into verbal war between
the two parties. The Minister being a man of
wisdom allowed the court to handle it since
his well meaning intention to amicably
settled them was futile.
Adekunle, permit me to make you more
popular by beseeching the public to always
refer to your story as the new definition of
propaganda,blackmail and speculative
journalism. I must comment your effort for
your jargon is well prepared and
enormously served, I can see you quoting
some statements of allegation claiming it to
have been uttered by the Honourable
Minister. Nice one. “I don’t know about the
trip to the US and if the are suffering that is
the business of those who sponsored them
not my business.” Oh yes he can afford to
say so because the officials failed to carry
him along for obvious reasons which you
are portraying to be aware of ; corruption.
So why won’t he say so when it was on
arriving US that they are seeking his
signature to take care of “their business”
over there.
Right now I can’t really say whether you are
advertising yourself to the minister to
employ your service as his chief adviser or
you are delivering your job to your masters
under the aupices of journalism. Need I
remind you that journalism is cheap these
days because of your likes who compromise
the ethics of the profession in a quest to suit
their selfish desires. Please upgrade yourself
to an investigative journalist, believe me, it
genuinely pays than all the propaganda you
religate yourself to.
Adenkule, let me help you out with what I
know he has achieved which your
incompetence and your speculative
submission didn’t allow you to capture.
Get it, “the newest Nigerian actor” tagged by
you, Barrister Dalung on assumption of
office, identified inadequate facilities and
equipment as a hitch to sports growth in
Nigeria. For your referential purpose, one of
his greatest achievements is the revamping
of the swimming pool at the Surulere
National Stadium, Lagos. The swimming
pool was abandoned for 20 years but as you
are reading this ,its now ready for use. The
Ministry has also supported athletes in
several degrees regardless of the
unavailability of funds that has bedeviled
the country at large.
Aruna Quadri of the Nigerian Table Tennis
emerged winner in the men’s single event at
the Africa Top 16 championship in Sudan
while Nigeria won 11 Gold, 7 Silver and 2
bronze medals at the African qualifying
tournament held in Yaounde May, 2016. In
March 2016, our wrestlers brought 4 Gold, 3
Silver and 3 Bronze medals from the Cairo
Senior Wrestling Championships. Our
athletes won 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze
medals at the Africa/Oceania 2016 qualifier
held in Tunis. Wrestling qualified 7 athletes
for Rio Olympics in April 2016 while in
Weightlifting, Nigeria won 1 Silver and 3
Bronze medals in IPC 2015 European
Opening held in Hungary from November
24th to 30th 2015. In Scrabble, Wellington
Jighere in November 2015 won the World
English language Scrabble Players
Championships in Perth, Australia.
This should serve as a reminder to you that
winning medals is not new to him. He has
won a number and he will win again and
again come Rio 2016. Despite the financial
constraints for the preparation for the Rio
Olympics, he has ensured that athletes from
more than eight sport games are qualified .
Can you see who is blabbing…
He should still seek for reassignment to
another ministry? Even if he is taken to your
father’s compound your type will follow him
to fault every of his achievement.
Other achievements include reformation of
the National Youth Council of Nigeria and
the Youth Empowerment. Yet Mr Journalist
said he is still acting with all these
achievements within just 8 months in office?
Now I know your type. Typical of those who
would have joined in the crucifixion of
Christ if you belonged to that generation
because of your perceived recalcitrant
nature towards anything of good virtue.
It is obvious Adenkunle is infuriated by hate
that’s why he couldn’t mention one out of
the many lofty achievements of the
Honourable Minister. Adekunle switch-off
your Television and go to the field on
research there you will know I only
dropped just but a tea spoon of his
achievements for you reference . Master the
art of constructive, objective and intellectual
approach to propaganda and your boot
licking job will never remain the same.
Some stories won’t just fly no matter what
wings you give them. All I have pointed
above is an unarguable facts and is in the
public domain which you dubiously opted to
sweep under the carpet for your allegations
to sell and to get you paid by your masters
for a job well done.
Adekunle change from your black mailing
reportage and restore the lost Glory of the
Nigerian Journalism Profession. No matter
what change so our country will be

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