Nigerians Voted For Change, Now Suffer And Stop Complaining- Fasheun

The founder of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Dr Fredrick Fasehun, has charged Nigerians to stop complaining about the present economic hardship in the country since it was them that voted for change.

His words, “Nigerians voted for Buhari. They voted for change. The hard­ship and suffering they are going through now is part of that change. They should not be complaining. Instead of complaining, they should be praying for Buhari. Ni­gerians should pray for him, and for Buhari himself Nigerians were cheering him initially but now they are getting despondent. Buhari should not wait until Nigerians start jeering at him as a result of failed promises.”

“Hard­ship and suffering have increased. Many Nigerians today are hungry and angry. Even now, the rich also cry. The bad economy has wors­ened the situation with many Ni­gerians finding it increasingly dif­ficult to survive. The situation can’t continue like this, government must find a remedy.

“Power supply has not been encour­aging. Many industries are closing down while millions of jobs are be­ing lost to erratic power supply. Many Nigerians that are self-em­ployed including artisans like weld­ers, hair dressers and others who depend on efficient power supply to sustain their small scale ventures have been rendered jobless as a result of poor power supply. This has been a big minus on the part of the admin­istration. Increasing unemployment and job losses occasioned by poor power supply should be a source of concern to the president and his team.”

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