"2016 Budget: When A General Keeps Silent
The old soldier knew that there was something dark and sinister about the version of the 2016 budget that was initially submitted to him by the National Assembly. Baba was very certain that Nigerian politicians had been so immersed in the
dirty waters of corruption; he knew very well that they would pollute the budget with their chronic appetite for free billions.

In spite of their political grandstanding,
loquacious mud-slinging and diabolical
vituperations, the Nigerian civil war veteran is a professional at discarding war/political
propaganda and maintaining his ground no
matter what; he didn't buckle under their
nefarious pressure, he never does. They went as far as asking for the resignation of a top Minister in Buhari's cabinet, they even threatened the President with impeachment; but the General only laughed at the folly of civilians who had never fired a single shot in their entire lives.

In their immoral greed and inordinate quest for the common wealth of Nigerians, they forgot the fact that time is also a veritable component of warfare. With time, muscles weaken, the mind grows weak, and the fountains of power are reduced to nought. He gave them time. Some called him a weak man, many others referred to him as 'Baba-go-slow'. Was he perturbed? Certainly not.

But you see, the beautiful thing about doing good is this: you will never be alone. So also it was and still is for Buhari. Surprisingly the
impoverished and disenchanted populace of
Nigeria firmly stood by their anti-corruption czar throughout the whole budget brouhaha. In fact, not a few youths led by notable Nigerians stormed the premises of the National Assembly in protest of the conspicuous mutilation and padding of the 2016 Appropriation Bill.

With high-pitched and warlike chants, the
protesters demanded for the abolishment of the controversy-laden Legislature. For three days and three nights, the ever vigilant masses of Nigeria completely occupied the corridors of the Nigerian Senate and demanded for sanity to be restored to the hallowed chambers. Trust politicians, they immediately changed gear when they realised that the people had awoken from
their lengthy slumber.

To cut the very long story short, the budget was passed without anymore ado, paddings and mutilations were erased, and normalcy returned to the land. Not quite. Normalcy did not return.

The General had set up a process in motion;
politicians are bound to betray each other when the stakes are high. President Buhari knows this too well. He knew that time will expose the 'mutilators' and the 'padders'. It was just a matter of time.

But this time around, it did not take too long
before karma started doing her good works. Little did President Buhari imagine that in less than a year of the whole budget debacle between the Legislature and the Executive, there would arise a whirlwind of political intrigues, rotating around the same mutilation and padding which the General tactically evaded. President Buhari's silence then was a strategic move to ensure a long term victory over institutionalised corruption in Nigeria."

~ Solomon Okocha writes from Port-Harcourt

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