Hate him yourself, million people love him, I mean President Buhari

Nigeria Will Soon Fund Budget With Zero
Contribution From Oil.
Before Buhari took over, crude oil contributed to 85% of our national revenue, but as we speak today, 70% of N559.03 billion, representing N391 Billion, shared by the federation this month came from non-oil revenue sources. This is happening
for the first time since the civil war.

Since Buhari reorganised FIRS, over 700,000 new corporate accounts have been added to their database, and there is a target to register at least 10 million additional taxpayers by December 2016. If this is accomplished, the revenue generated this month from non-oil sources would be doubled and sufficient enough to fund the
current 2016 budget with zero contribution from crude revenue.
This is pure abracadabra, this will make us
financially independent on oil, and encourage government to work harder. This is a game changer, other countries run on taxes but the Nigerian government had been too lazy to explore this option until Buhari brought change.

The future is very bright for Nigeria.

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