FRIENDS OF DUBAI...Are you ready for this one?

The Friends of Dubai Network (FDN) is a unique and innovative kind of vacation club comprising members from all over the world who love the Dubai life. Our operating concept is to encourage members and their guests to socialise and network with other like-minded people and make friends and build up relationships while enjoying different events and activities in Dubai.

Launched in 2015, FDN offers its members the opportunity to explore Dubai’s most exciting destinations at unbelievable discounted rates through its group vacation packages. Our tailor-made vacation packages for members attract UAE’s lowest travel rates across board.

Several times during the year, the Friends of Dubai Network organises vacation tours with exclusive membership privileged pricing and service made available to all interested members. These vacation tours provide considerable discounts to all subscribed members and are a lot more financially and socially rewarding than the traditional timeshare ownerships from other vacation clubs.

The Annual Friends of Dubai Festival, held every December, is the highpoint of all our activities for the year and the largest group tourist vacation in Dubai. This is a 7-day event that attracts all our friends from every part of the world.

The Friends of Dubai Network is the perfect base from which to explore the diverse and exotic holiday offerings in Dubai. Whether your imagination takes you to the wonders of the Burj Al-Arab, the hundreds of shopping malls, Dhow Cruises along the creeks, man-made islands or desert safari tours, the Fiends of Dubai will set the stage for a lifetime of sublime memories.

So, whether it is a holiday trip, or a private retreat, or an outdoor activity, or weekend getaway, or a one day trip, or a vacation, it is best enjoyed with the Friends of Dubai! We will go places together and tailor make packages that would suite everyone's needs, interests, hobbies and budgets. Remember, it is not just about getting there; it is about who you get there with.

The Friends of Dubai has introduced new experiences to give you more transformative moments, lifetime memories and stories to share upon when you return home from your vacation with us.

We also have a very unique Friendship Reward programme that provides members with the opportunity to enjoy a fun and competitive way to meet new friends and earn FREE all-expenses paid vacations to Dubai, fully paid by us!

Through our award winning Friendship Rewards programme, members can accumulate vacation points that enable them enjoy an extended host of travel opportunities in Dubai for free!!

Join the Friends of Dubai Network today and enjoy unforgettable Dubai holidays that you can surely afford!

1. Our website will be launched for the first time at the end of July 2016.

2. To join us during this period preceding the launching of our website, you MUST like our page and also request for comprehensive details of the full range of services on offer.

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