Fellow compatriots, on behalf of myself, family and CUPS members both at home and around the world, I wish you all a very Happy Eid celebration. May the Almighty God accept our worship and prayers for Nigeria. Amen.

I appeal to our Muslim brothers and sisters who get to read this message to kindly share the Eid festivity with our Christian brethren, neighbours, and all those who are disadvantaged in our communities. Today is a special occasion in which our small brotherly gestures will go a long way in healing our communities.

Remember, regardless of our religious, political, tribal and gender affiliations, we are actually one people that share the same destiny. This fact remains true whether we like it or not. We might as well accept our plurality as a blessing in diversity.

Over the last 12 months, our country has witnessed the good, the bad, and the damn right ugly. Thanks God, the good we witnessed have by far surpassed the bad and the ugly.

The most significant good that happened to us as a nation is the change at the top through divine intervention.This change at the top facilitated the near total decapitation of the deadly Boko Haram marauding barbarians, whose sole purpose for existence was to destroy us, destroy our economy, and destroy our ancestral. I was born and bred in the commercial city of Mubi in Adamawa state. I know what it means to be occupied by Boko Haram. Thanks God, thanks to the new Commander in Chief, his military generals and the rank and file of our gallant officers at the war front, Boko Haram is now history.

Furthermore, for the first time in our history, those among us who sought to perpetually enslave us through genocide, misgovernance, and looting of our financial resources in grandeur style are being systematically brought to justice, using our very own law enforcement agencies and judiciary. Suddenly, the days of impunity are over. Crime, especially terrorism and looting of public funds, no longer pays in Nigeria.

One of the bad things that happened to us over the past 12 months was the delay in ratifying the 2016 budget due to various criminal vested interests. This single dastardly act of greed and cowardice brought immense hardship to our people. Some state governments owe workers salaries of up to 8 months, running into billions of Naira. This is criminal, and we at CUPS unreservedly condemn it. Despite the bailout funds released by the federal government to help settle these salary arrears, we witnessed many state governors collecting the funds only to divert it to other purposes for which it was not intended. We call on the federal government to hold these state governors to account.

The ugly that happened to us as a nation is the surprise emergence of a terrorists group in the South-East called the Niger Delta Avengers. Without any provocation whatsoever, this group started killing military and law enforcement agents, destroying infrastructure such as bridges, oil pipelines, oil/gas installations, and the beautiful Niger Delta environment with its priceless ecosystem. Not surprising, the demands of these terrorists keep changing daily, and vary from the absurd to the damn right insane. Like Boko Haram, be rest assured that this new terrorists group too will be forced into extinction. Fixing Niger Delta has become one of President Buhari's highest priorities, and rightly so.

Fellow compatriots, despite the uncomfortable challenges I briefly outlined above, I strongly believe that our future as a nation actually looks bright. As long as our leaders remain active, visionary, and patriotic, working in the best interest of the masses, we have abundant natural and human resources to become one of the greatest countries on the planet. By the time the trillions of Naira appropriated for 2016 budged is released to service the various projects the money is intended for, we are going to witness a significant improvement of our economy. It won't be long before Nigeria becomes one massive construction site, developing our infrastructure, while employing millions of our people.

I would like to remind you my fellow compatriots that the task of rebuilding Nigeria is our collective responsibility. Every single one of us counts, and can make a difference by changing the way we conduct ourselves, our attitude to work and productivity, exposing corruption, and active participation in governance.

Just one and half years ago we created the CUPS organisation with the sole intention of confronting the dreaded Boko Haram. Today, CUPS is the fastest growing human rights organisation in Nigeria. We have over 50,000 followers around the globe and growing daily. As part of our determination to serve the fatherland, we will start both TV and Radio broadcasting over Internet on 6th November 2016. If we at CUPS can achieve this in a short while, you can achieve even much bigger feat for Nigeria.

Once more Happy Eid to you all. May the Almighty God bring peace, progress, and prosperity to you and your families. May our fortunes as a nation significantly improve in the coming days, months, and years. Ameen.

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

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