Buhari to IBB, Gusau : Tell Nigerians why you removed me from office

By Soni Daniel
Abuja: Thirty one years after his administration was toppled in a military coup, President Muhammadu Buhari has finally opened up on why he was sacked.
Buhari said in an exclusive interview granted The Interview, that he was removed from office because he was planning to purge the military hierarchy of corruption.
Buhari, who has not spared the military even in his
ongoing anti-corruption war, said senior military
leaders, led by former military president, General
Ibrahim Babangida and General Aliyu Gusau, removed
him in August 1985, to save themselves from his
In an exclusive interview published in the current
edition of The Interview magazine, Buhari challenged
Babangida and Gusau to tell the truth on why they
carried out the coup against him.
“I learnt,” he said, “that Aliyu Gusau, who was in
charge of intelligence, took import licence from the
ministry of commerce which was in charge of supplies
and gave it to Alhaji Mai Deribe.
"It was worth N100,000, a lot of money at that time. I
confronted them and took the case to the Army council
in a memo...I wanted Gusau punished."
In a statement on www: theinterview.com.ng, the
Managing Director/Editor-in-chief of The Interview, Azu
Ishiekwene, said, “This is one edition that won’t let
sleeping dogs lie.”
But in an earlier edition of the magazine last December,
Babangida had said that that there was nothing in the
memo which Buhari said he submitted to the Army
IBB said: "Don't forget that I was one of Buhari’s
closest aides. I was the chief of army staff. So, I had
an important position, an important role to play within
that administration. I don't think it had to do with a
But in a tone which suggested that the past may
neither have been forgotten nor forgiven, Buhari
challenged Babangida and Gusau to come clean on
why they removed him, asking The Interview to choose
whose story to believe.
He also fielded questions about his health, the 2016
budget, the pace of his government, former President
Goodluck Jonathan and why Mr. Babatunde Raji
Fashola was handed three ministerial portfolios.

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