Buhari Is Capable Of Ending Corruption In Nigeria – John Kerry

Secretary of States, Mr. John Kerry, on Tuesday said that
President Mohammadu Buhari is capable to flush
corruption out of Nigeria.
John Kerry made this remarks during a Bilateral Meeting he
had with President Buhari during his 4 day working visit at
the Department of State in Washington, DC.
Speaking further, Kerry said the United States government
would do all it could to support the president’s fight against
corruption and corrupt leaders both past and current.
The US Secretary added that the decision of the president to
e’s bring a very significant delegation with a number of
governors to Washington, DC for the working visit had
shown his ability to put in reforms.
“And I might mention the president is deeply committed to
tackling the problem of corruption, which has prevented the
country from doing many of the developmental and other
initiatives that are on the table” he added.
Speaking further, Secretary Kerry described Nigeria as an
extraordinarily important country, stressing that both
countries have very important interests together.
His words:”Nigeria is an extraordinary important country.
We have pledged with the President’s meeting yesterday to
work very closely on economic development, on the
economy, on counterterrorism, on regional issues, but very
importantly also, to join together in an effort to do a better
job of taking on Boko Haram.
“The president is deeply committed to this endeavor. He
has a military background. He has himself been in combat.
He has led the armed forces of his country and he knows
what this is going to take.
So we have a ready and willing partner, and we look forward
to developing our counterterrorism and our counter-Boko
Haram plans even as we also work on energy development,
on education, health, and other issues within the country”
…We Will Work With The US- Buhari
In his response, President Mohammadu Buhari thanked
John Kerry for the opportunity to meet with him at the
Department of State. He also promised that his
administration would work with the US in every way
required to make Nigeria a better country.
He continued: “As the United States’ message sent to the
previous administration was clean and clear that the United
States would not accept anything unconstitutional, that
prepared the minds of Nigerians to back us and to arrive
where we are today”
President Buhari pressed further that Nigeria would remain
very grateful to the United States, to President Barrack
Obama, and to the Secretary of State for their supports to
make sure that electoral reforms took place in Nigeria.
His words: “He saw the president then, he saw the chairman
of Independent National Electoral Commission, and he saw
the opposition. And by the day, the United States
maintained pressure on the government, the law
enforcement agencies, and the election officials to make
sure that the election was free and fair”

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