Any corrupt APC member will face trial – Buhari

Olalekan Adetayo, Abuja
President Muhammadu Buhari has said he will not
hesitate to prosecute party loyalists and those who
supported his Presidency bid during the 2015
presidential election if any of them was involved in
corrupt practices.
He also said that some unnamed persons pressurised
him to contest the 2015 presidential election which he
He said the pressure mounted on him was too
enormous that he could not resist it
Buhari spoke in an interview he granted a magazine,
The Interview .
Buhari, while faulting claims that he had been sparing
those who sponsored his campaigns and members of
his All Progressives Congress in his ongoing anti-
corruption war, said he would come down hard on any
of his backers that cases of corruption could be
established against.
The President said, “Do you just grab people along the
road and take them off to court for trial just because
you want to create a semblance of balance?
“First, there has to be an accusation which must be
properly investigated, and when a prima facie case
has been built, you prosecute.
“If any of my backers or party (APC) members has
anything established against them, let’s see whether I
will shield anyone from prosecution.
“There seems to be a preponderance of the People
Democratic Party members standing trial because
they had been in power for 16 years, they had access
to the public treasury and abused the trust reposed in
“You can be assured that anybody caught in
corruption will answer for it irrespective of party, tribe
or religion.”
He said those who pressurised him did so because of
their belief that he was in good stead to rescue the
nation which he said was falling apart at the time.
He said, “You will recall that shortly before the 2011
presidential election, I had said it was the last time I
would offer myself for elective position and I meant it,
but the following years, we saw our country virtually
falling apart on all fronts.
“People felt a rescue exercise was necessary and a
large number believed I could do it.
“They made overtures to me and the pressure was so
enormous that I could not say no. As they say, the
rest is history. “
Responding to criticism that his administration had
been slow, Buhari said there was no wisdom in
rushing things.
He said anybody who rushed things would end up with
avoidable mistakes and regrets.
“There is still a lot of wisdom in the saying, ‘slow and
steady wins the race.’
“If they say we are slow, do they also say we are
“Then, it means we will win the race eventually.
“There is no wisdom in being in a rush and messing
up everything. You will make avoidable mistakes and
end up with a lot of regrets,” he said.
Buhari also said he would wait for the advice of the
Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami
(SAN), on whether to prosecute those who voluntarily
returned looted funds or not.
“We will note the recommendation of the Attorney
General of the Federation. We do not want to
deliberately disgrace people. All we want is public
money back,” he explained.
The President also justified his allocation of three
ministries to the Minister of Power, Works and
Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), saying the
man did well as Lagos State governor.
“The economic realities demanded that we merge
ministries and we did.
“Putting three critical ministries under one man was
determined by the ability to perform.
“This is a man who had ruled a state excellently for
eight years and as they say, the reward for hard work
is more work,” he said.

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