Written by Retson A Tedheke

The Future is going to be Harsh for Nigerians in the Short Term. It is going to be Harsher for the Docile People in the Niger Delta. It is time to tell your Miracle Workers to work harder...You will need them; PMB is probably and unintentionally conditioning Nigerians for the Hard Fall; It is Coming. The reset process is going to be intense and excruciatingly painful, there are no alternatives. I see Governors in Panicking mode already; The Thieving Governors in Delta and Bayelsa are laying the foundation for future wailing Governors from the Niger Delta. The Deceptive Voodoo Economies of GEJ/Iweala/PDP over the past decade is coming home to roost. The Development Lies of the Niger Delta Ministry; The NDDC; The 13% Derivation Fund and the Trillions Looted by our Political; Religious and Societal Elders is unravelling right before our eyes. At below 700,000 barrels per day and coming down; The US Dollar is heading Higher; Inflation is Heading Higher; Food Prices are Heading Higher; Cost of Living is Heading Higher; Poverty is heading Higher....Pray all you want; Fast all you want; Call on your Supposed God all you want; The God I serve is a God of Realities. You only Reap only what you sow. Every other God is a counterfeit.

Scavengers are preparing the ground for a full Military Option; With PMB's intent on sanitizing the Nigerian State, we are all simply seeing the Stupidity in our Humanity. Corruption and Criminality has enveloped deceptively our common-sense. The only possibility of PDP being in the Presidency in 2019 is for the Nigerian State to be in Total Anarchy and Absolute Economic Chaos. Looters will not Relent. They do not have the interest of the People; They are Greedy; Selfish; Demonic; Evil; Destructive and Wicked...From Boko Haram to Violent Fulani herdsmen; From IPOB/Biafra to Ijaw Avengers; From Cultism to Kidnapping; From Economic Saboteurs to Electricity Saboteurs. The Evil of the Majority of the Nigerian Elite who have been in leadership position for decades is fighting back with their all. Corruption is Fighting Bloody; Dirty and they are Throwing the Kitchen Sink at President Muhammadu Buhari. They are hoping he dies; they are hoping he fails and they are betting their all on the demons among us to destroy the future of us all.

I am the carrier of bad news today; be prepared; be ready; cry not for your country. We as a people failed; our parents failed us; we are failing our children and their future. If this must be overcome, let the goodness in all of our collective humanity rise up and fight for Integrity, Discipline, Fairness; Justice; Equality and Openness. There can be no Fiscal Federalism without Fiscal Sanity. The Political Leadership in the Niger Delta and Particularly the Ijaw Nations are the Enemies of the People. For decades they have looted any attempt at fixing the problem of the region. Our Failure as a Region is our Fault as a People. Leadership in the Region have failed for decades and the people have encouraged it. Let us all enjoy this hardship, It is just beginning.

Retson A Tedheke

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