By Jonathan Nda-Isaiah

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, the poster boy of the change mantra, needs to be unbundled as quickly as possible. Any time I see Fashola, he looks more confused and petrified than the last time.

Handing over three crucial ministries to one man is a disaster waiting to happen, as daily, Fashola is being demystified. He is now being called the ‘Minister of Darkness’ considering that under his leadership, Nigeria is experiencing her worst form of power outages. Fashola has blamed everybody but himself and the sooner he began to take responsibility the better for all of us.

The power situation has been an age-long problem of successive administrations and any government that solves the power problem in the country has solved 70 percent of our problems.

When he assumed office, the first thing he did was to increase electricity tariff. Nigerians were paying more without getting the value for their money. Fashola should be given the Ministry of Works and Housing to handle and the power ministry should be given to someone who is competent. I believe Fashola will do very well in the works ministry.

The more he remains in the power ministry, the more he loses his reputation which is not good for him. Before he became minister, he was seen as a ‘Superman’ who could do no wrong but now we are beginning to see him as an imposter who needs to be unbundled.

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